Bumper Sticker – Design Assignments 3.5 Stars


This would be one of the things George Bozzo does very well and is very lucrative to his finances. Is he fair? I doubt it why should he be he makes bank off the business owners to keep the flakes and other “families” from his territory.

All of George’s family along with all of his “wise guys” are required to put a bumper sticker on every vehicle they own! Don’t let him catch you without one – you will know! He will check as he walks and paces around your vehicle. Don’t let George down . . .

It would be really cool to actually make some bumper stickers and actually be able to print them out on sticker stock!

Protection Bumper Sticker

This was a fun one and I thought it would “get the word out” for my character. As I said earlier it would be fun to make bumper stickers and the window decal. We have a Cricket that taps into the computer and does awesome things.

I used PowerPoint since it is so easy and I am pretty savvy with it. I prepare slide shows for all different reasons. The features available are great along with the colors. You can take design in so many different directions, produce your slide show, and the save them in many different formats.

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