Cartoon Character Ad – Design Assignments 3 Stars

I grew up watching Sylvester and Tweety – one of my very favorites. I always felt sorry for Sylvester. I can imagine these being George’s Pets – Of course Sylvester would have to be George’s and Tweety belongs to his wife! As I was reviewing our choices I instantly thought of Tweety and Sylvester and then of course Sylvester is “noir” all the way. Devious cat that he is – always trying to get Tweety no matter what! I liked working with design but I’m not too certain anyone would buy the bird food based on this ad!

Cartoon Ad

I love cartoons even today because my youngest son, grandbabies and I watch them together along with movies. This is another part of why I chose this assignment. I had Sylvester and Tweety in my mind right from the start.

Again, using PowerPoint which I enjoy working in doing presentations for work it has made it easy to turn a slide show into many different formats. The ease of inserting and placing pictures to get the results you want is awesome. You can overlay pictures, bring them forward, and take them back, add words including word art. Once you have it all together and everything is placed where you want it just save it in the format you wish. I’m using jpegs because they work well with Flickr. That’s my thoughts and process to complete this assignment.

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