Commercial about Noir Character for NWTY? 3 Stars

So we have audacity and save file as MP3 for a bumper about our radio station. We are Noir We There Yet? or NWTY. This assignment was fun and I enjoy putting the track together and picking music but I still don’t like hearing my own voice. I love how audacity pulls these together into one track. I have experimented with as many as seven at one time and still come out with a cool sound in the end.

My character is a part of our radio show so this bumper for our station is in a bar setting with a piano playing. And of course advertising our awesome radio station ID.

I picked the piano music because it is from the time frame and seemed very noir to me as I was looking and found this tune.  Of course my character is noir to me also especially combined with this setting. I attempted to make my voice sound, well I don’t really know! That was the hardest part was to sound like a noir woman from back then. If  didn’t repeat the words twenty times I didn’t say it once! Still not to my liking but I don’t think I will ever like to hear my own voice.

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