George’s Day by Sound Effects Only!

George is in a fast paced life! Nothing you can do about it – once you are in you are innnnn!

To attempt to keep up with my character and noir his sound effects story begins with a thunderstorm, I just love a good thunderstorm. Then as you walk and take care of business through the city streets all of a sudden gun shots go off. You can’t hear where they are coming from, wait there they go again – another round. They are close and then another round and you begin to see what is going on. Man you are in hot water George just knows he will get blamed for this one if he is seen in the area.

All of a sudden you can hear ambulance sounds coming closer and closer people are down and someone must have called. I have to beat feet and get the hell out of dodge or I will get blamed for this one! I’m out of here . . .


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