How a Reporter Must Feel . . .

Out on Assignment . . .

Assignments, Assignments, Assignments!!!!

We had to complete 10 Stars this week in the Assignment Bank . . . what made this even more fun was that we could choose our own and collaborate with another to complete them.

Brenda and I decided to collaborate together with George and Red our characters and we even tied the assignments to our radio show Noir We There Yet!

After working on the radio show George seems smitten by “Red” and her work .¬† . he has his eyes on her – let Vinny D have Cecilia! Since she is beginning to mean so much to George he wants her protected and protected well! Not to sure how Brenda Levoy and “Red” feel about this but he invoiced her for the first month of services:

Red Invoice

(Assignment 1 – 3 Stars)

He is just so¬†smitten he thought he would make “Red” his valentine this year! And since he can use her “connections” to the press wanted to make certain she knew he believed in “Freedom of the Press”! What he hopes to be a way to her heart!

Red My Valentine

(Assignment 2 – 3 Stars)

Way too much focus on “Red” – let’s get off that subject and the final assignment is on George himself. A wallpaper he wants to use on buses and billboard signs. Big ideas for the times he was in but he always things BIG!

ds106 Wallpaper

(Assignment 3 – 4 Stars)







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