Solo Vocal Trio – 3 Stars

I chose this assignment because I knew I could make it fun and out there! I really enjoy working with audacity, however this seemed like such and easy assignment until I was attempting to sync the three songs. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing this and still don’t believe my end product is near perfect. But you can only sing Barney so many times.

I started with audacity and sang the song three different times. Oh, I chose Barney because I love children and we always sing, dance, and play. I couldn’t get the starting and the syncing on time. I kept trying and trying and this is the closest one I have. I worked on this for quite some time but I think it is cool how one person can really sound like a different person each time. It was unreal and none of them even sound like me but I was wearing headphones while singing and I don’t think I like the feeling from that. I would rather listen to the song and sing-a-long.

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2 thoughts on “Solo Vocal Trio – 3 Stars”

  1. I found this just now because another student in ds106 submitted it for Inspire. It’s awesome. It’s like a deranged, terribly frightening version of the Barney song — not b/c of your singing :-) — but b/c of the mismatched timing.

    1. LOL – well now I just don’t know how to take that! Yeah, that was pretty mashed-up! I tried though – me an audacity don’t always get along! Of all things to inspire!

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