Late Night – Monday Night Extra (Extra) Credit

@GWBozzo – that’s who I am and I was in attendance on Monday March 23 for the pre-show and special ds106radio episode! Watch your back if you don’t come through and do what you promise – I’ll be watching you!

Bacon – they spoke about bacon recipes – I tried to get my cook in there to listen but no luck he was out for the night! I’m making him listen to “Fatal Femmes” for a listen so he can get some good recipes!  DS106Radio in order to view a preview of characters and posters . . .

Schedules – it was hard to keep my schedule because it started 30-minutes late – I demand extra extra credit for my valuable time!

Now this is my style . . .


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Married almost 30-years; 3 children (28, 26, & 12); working full-time; and pursuing my Bachelor's Degree @ UMW!!

One thought on “Late Night – Monday Night Extra (Extra) Credit”

  1. I agree that this was an extra extra credit night! I had places to be and things to do that night, so I couldn’t believe that things started half an hour late. I wish your cook had been able to come and listen too, but at least you tried.

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