A Day in the Life of George Bozzo!!

It sure looks nice on my desktop and you can clearly see the video title as the image on the video – but I am certain like the others it just won’t appear again! But I searched and I tried and couldn’t hold off any longer posting my final 5 stars making 15 of 15 stars. I have to say I enjoyed each and everyone and I loved working in Movie Maker and getting the clips for each of them. And having it all come together in a decent (not perfect)  end product! Well here is how I spend my day crammed into just a few minutes. Of course there are certain sections that I can’t share like really how much time I spent with the girlfriend . . . can’t be to careful. Here’s my movie:

Yep black again – this technology is a struggle for us older folk! It sure does so much for you but it sure does work against you too! I’d just as soon not use any! Back to the simple days and simpler times!! But you young ones know what to do to watch my video!

Interview with George Bozzo

I am George Bozzo – a man of few words! I don’t like interviews so be lucky you got the bit you got! I’d interview with “Red” again though! Yes this is it – no more – no less! A few good questions I was willing to answer without incriminating myself . . .


How a Reporter Must Feel . . .

Out on Assignment . . .

Assignments, Assignments, Assignments!!!!

We had to complete 10 Stars this week in the Assignment Bank . . . what made this even more fun was that we could choose our own and collaborate with another to complete them.

Brenda and I decided to collaborate together with George and Red our characters and we even tied the assignments to our radio show Noir We There Yet!

After working on the radio show George seems smitten by “Red” and her work .  . he has his eyes on her – let Vinny D have Cecilia! Since she is beginning to mean so much to George he wants her protected and protected well! Not to sure how Brenda Levoy and “Red” feel about this but he invoiced her for the first month of services:

Red Invoice

(Assignment 1 – 3 Stars)

He is just so smitten he thought he would make “Red” his valentine this year! And since he can use her “connections” to the press wanted to make certain she knew he believed in “Freedom of the Press”! What he hopes to be a way to her heart!

Red My Valentine

(Assignment 2 – 3 Stars)

Way too much focus on “Red” – let’s get off that subject and the final assignment is on George himself. A wallpaper he wants to use on buses and billboard signs. Big ideas for the times he was in but he always things BIG!

ds106 Wallpaper

(Assignment 3 – 4 Stars)







You’re Invited!! Design Assignment 3.5 Stars

Party, party and more party people! They eat a lot and enjoy family gatherings! George loves to “show” all he had and what he can afford for his family. Huge gatherings these are and if you don’t show – you have disrespected “the boss”! You must beware however, this time it’s a masquerade ball . . . is it your turn to go! You almost never know with this family!

Masquerade Ball

My thought process on this was that it creates an event that could ultimately cover up a murder. After all people have so much fun trying to figure out who is who at a masquerade ball one never knows who is there and who isn’t. All they have to do is remind you oh yeah I was dressed as a mafia guy you must not have recognized me. Instantly an alibi, as they say “yes, I remember seeing you now” but yet have no clue who they saw.

Using PowerPoint I turned a slide into a jpeg image. Picked and invitation format and then used only one slide to create the invite. Picture overlays, a little writing, and a few cut and paste pictures to set the atmosphere and there she was.

Bumper Sticker – Design Assignments 3.5 Stars


This would be one of the things George Bozzo does very well and is very lucrative to his finances. Is he fair? I doubt it why should he be he makes bank off the business owners to keep the flakes and other “families” from his territory.

All of George’s family along with all of his “wise guys” are required to put a bumper sticker on every vehicle they own! Don’t let him catch you without one – you will know! He will check as he walks and paces around your vehicle. Don’t let George down . . .

It would be really cool to actually make some bumper stickers and actually be able to print them out on sticker stock!

Protection Bumper Sticker

This was a fun one and I thought it would “get the word out” for my character. As I said earlier it would be fun to make bumper stickers and the window decal. We have a Cricket that taps into the computer and does awesome things.

I used PowerPoint since it is so easy and I am pretty savvy with it. I prepare slide shows for all different reasons. The features available are great along with the colors. You can take design in so many different directions, produce your slide show, and the save them in many different formats.

George’s Day by Sound Effects Only!

George is in a fast paced life! Nothing you can do about it – once you are in you are innnnn!

To attempt to keep up with my character and noir his sound effects story begins with a thunderstorm, I just love a good thunderstorm. Then as you walk and take care of business through the city streets all of a sudden gun shots go off. You can’t hear where they are coming from, wait there they go again – another round. They are close and then another round and you begin to see what is going on. Man you are in hot water George just knows he will get blamed for this one if he is seen in the area.

All of a sudden you can hear ambulance sounds coming closer and closer people are down and someone must have called. I have to beat feet and get the hell out of dodge or I will get blamed for this one! I’m out of here . . .


Design To Shock George!!

Designed to Shock! GeorgeI chose this assignment design to shock (4 Points) because I thought it would be interesting. George will be watching – always watching! He watches his business, wife, his customers, his clients he protects, the streets and everything else he sees going on around him and his family.

During my childhood we were always watched very close when my Uncle George was around. We weren’t allowed to hear his storytelling for some reason or another. It use to creep me out because we would be in another room playing and you could feel his eyes watching you.

What’s In Your Bag George?


What's In Your Bag George!
What’s In Your Bag George!

Ah, George being a male always keeps things simple. He of course doesn’t carry a bag but keeps everything he needs in his trench coat pockets – inside and out that is.

Cash always a lot of cash because you never know when you’ll need it.

Comb in order to keep the hair in place and out of his face.

Pen just in case he needs to sign something or maybe you will need to be signing something from him! Protection anyone? He’ll provide you the protection you need for just a little cash each week!

His ring is never kept on his finger except when he is home by his wife. This is for many purposes – first you don’t want anything in your way or getting caught on anything which could cost you your life. Second you never know who you meet and how well you might want to get to know that dame and he just couldn’t take a chance of her knowing he is married!

And then there is the pocket (and I’m not telling on him or pointing this out) some things just don’t come out until it is necessary and then POW it’s all over but they crying! And George doesn’t like hearing that!!

Each of these items were chosen because he simply needs them in his line of business. You just never know what may come up and you have to be ready at all times.