My Video – Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious

Now this was one tough assignment. I think everything that could go wrong went wrong and nothing was easy! It was cool watching the movie “Notorious” by Alfred Hitchcock with a different perspective and goal! Watching for clips that we could use for this assignment that fit some of what we learned from our readings and video clip watching. I finally found the one that I could relate to and that was the one-point perspective and some zooms both in the clip. But then to add it to a movie maker program and then narrate what you learned and how they fit together. WOW what a process!

I chose the scene because it did involve two areas that I learned about and I enjoyed throughout the movie. I also added some still shots of my favorite noir scenes that I have learned through the semester so far. Like the shadows, dark, street scenes, and of course our females which are always in the scene and always up to no good.

My Girl “Red” – 4 Stars

Seems very old school – MP4 video. But George wants to meet Red some kind of bad! He loved his interview with her and really wants to pursue her and help with her career and where she is going! As you scroll over the title – watch the silent video clip as George tries to share his feelings and what he would like to do!

Dear Sweet 16 Year Old Me! (4 Stars)

Oh the things we wish we knew then that we know now! To be able to go back and do things differently!

I chose this assignment (4 Stars) because I liked the idea of being of to look back and tell myself what I wish someone would have told me then! I originally thought this couldn’t be an assignment I could come up with but then once I started it went on and on. I was very surprised.

It clearly said this could be done via video or audio either one so I chose the audio because I hate seeing myself in video’s and pictures!

I pretty much covered the things I would try a different way if I had it all to do over again! Thanks for the opportunity to reflect back!

How a Reporter Must Feel . . .

Out on Assignment . . .

Assignments, Assignments, Assignments!!!!

We had to complete 10 Stars this week in the Assignment Bank . . . what made this even more fun was that we could choose our own and collaborate with another to complete them.

Brenda and I decided to collaborate together with George and Red our characters and we even tied the assignments to our radio show Noir We There Yet!

After working on the radio show George seems smitten by “Red” and her work .  . he has his eyes on her – let Vinny D have Cecilia! Since she is beginning to mean so much to George he wants her protected and protected well! Not to sure how Brenda Levoy and “Red” feel about this but he invoiced her for the first month of services:

Red Invoice

(Assignment 1 – 3 Stars)

He is just so smitten he thought he would make “Red” his valentine this year! And since he can use her “connections” to the press wanted to make certain she knew he believed in “Freedom of the Press”! What he hopes to be a way to her heart!

Red My Valentine

(Assignment 2 – 3 Stars)

Way too much focus on “Red” – let’s get off that subject and the final assignment is on George himself. A wallpaper he wants to use on buses and billboard signs. Big ideas for the times he was in but he always things BIG!

ds106 Wallpaper

(Assignment 3 – 4 Stars)







Comments, Comments, and more Comments!!

I was a little confused last week on the comment assignment, however I do believe I have it together now! I looked through a lot of blogs and work done by others. I tried to comment on most that had zero or maybe one. Everyone needs good feedback all the time! So here are my ten comments for this week . . .

Are We Done Yet?


Radio Bumper

Airline Radio Commercial

Oriental Drugs – Oh My!

Brings Me Joy!




One Night Stand


Your Own Theme Song – 4 Stars

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be cool to think of the noir side of me since I believe I may be gaining one! Then to fit my character George in the picture with it being Noir, screams, and murder! I started with picking a theme song and then adding some sound effects into it through audacity. Of course once blended uploading it to Sound Cloud!

I think that I am still a work in progress but this isn’t that bad! Of course practice makes perfect and I know I need some more but things are getting easier. I think I had more difficulty picking a theme song than actually putting this together.

Solo Vocal Trio – 3 Stars

I chose this assignment because I knew I could make it fun and out there! I really enjoy working with audacity, however this seemed like such and easy assignment until I was attempting to sync the three songs. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing this and still don’t believe my end product is near perfect. But you can only sing Barney so many times.

I started with audacity and sang the song three different times. Oh, I chose Barney because I love children and we always sing, dance, and play. I couldn’t get the starting and the syncing on time. I kept trying and trying and this is the closest one I have. I worked on this for quite some time but I think it is cool how one person can really sound like a different person each time. It was unreal and none of them even sound like me but I was wearing headphones while singing and I don’t think I like the feeling from that. I would rather listen to the song and sing-a-long.