The Killers Alternative Ending

Nick left the lunch counter, out the door on his way to see Anderson. Nick never looked back and headed straight for the Hirsch’s rooming house! Behind the tree he never noticed the two dark figures in their overcoats and derby hats. There the waited to see who left the diner and where they headed. After Ms. Bell and Nick headed up the stairs they quietly crept their way in and Ms. Bell appeared. “What you fellas doing here who you need to see?” Ms. Bell didn’t like the looks of the men. Al grabs the old woman and says “you better be quiet or I’ll take you out”. He takes her in the other room and yells at Max “it’s all up to you now”. Max quietly says back “you need to be quiet” as he notices Nick coming down the stairs and he hides in the room behind something. Nick exits the door and Al comes out dragging the old lady. Max says “where is he” Ms. Bells says “who”; Max “you know who” and Al says “oh a bright girl now” and looking at one another they both say “the same guy you took Nick to see don’t fool with us”. She resists because she knows especially since she didn’t like them when she first saw them. They quietly creep up the stairs and Max whispers to her “tell him your hear and need to talk to him” And before he could even answers Al throws the old lady out of the way and they both enter and Max is firing his gun at Anderson. Max says “we got him” and they walk away like nothing happened.

Brick Houses – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name you ask? Usually there is a meaning behind the name. If you google your own name you can find different meanings of your name. I learned at a very young age that anything you do is important and needs to be done well. One of my favorite teachers in high school Ms. Bullock taught us accounting. She always said “accounting is like building a house, if you miss one brick the house comes tumbling down!” I have applied this saying to almost everything I do in life. Be good, be good at it and always give it your all! It shows in many different aspects of life how her analogy can fit. Even children, if early on you miss teaching them something (a brick) simple like manners, accountability or morals guess what your children usually end up in trouble or doing things they shouldn’t. Even the courses I take I still apply this to them and know missing classes or assignments makes things come tumbling down. The name “Brick Houses” for me means giving it my all and building a strong foundation that will last well into the future. Why go half stepping when it’s for your own goals and life. My picture of the turtle carries his “brick house” on his back and still fits this scenario because it is always a heavy load to keep the pressure up on a constant moving target. I believe this has helped me through the years to accomplish what I have in life.

And She Lived “Happily Ever After”


She started out of high school and decided to marry and start her family. Two children later that were established with a good footing in elementary school reading and writing well, homework was a breeze for them both she decided to go back to school and get the degree she wanted after high school.

Two and a half years later she was walking with two Associates Degrees from a community college and graduated with high honors.

Life went on and quickly full-time work started – and before she knew it ten years had passed and then another four and a half! Time, time to move on and or up. Her mind needed challenged so she pursued the next level in hopes of sharpening her skills, education and possibly moving up or moving on in the workforce!


The next chapter in hot pursuit not to take as long with this degree but yet still have high honors and work that full-time job! She enrolled in the Leadership and Management BLS Program at the University of Mary Washington! The entrance was grand as the two degrees allowed her to bring in 90 credits and leaves her only 30 UMW required credits to go. Of those credits only 18 credits were core classes and the others were electives.

The first course taken was awesome! She had such an awesome instructor and great assignments. It was tough getting back in the swing of things especially the homework! Course two was not quite as good and neither was the instructor. She just knew her GPA was blown as this course was way over her head! Thank goodness for her years of working experience and knowledge as it pulled her through. She is now in her second semester third and fourth courses and again feeling frustrated. She thought it would get easier as she slid back in and made it through the first two courses so well! She loves a challenge and finds one of her courses very challenging. This challenge builds up her determination and sharpens her abilities. She will achieve with good results! She has to!

As the baby boomers are moving out and retiring upper management is opening up for opportunities. She plans on taking on some of those opportunities. I see goals being met and her moving up the ladder as high as the ladder will take her. And she does well, all the while she participates in the company lottery! Just when she thinks she is as high as she can go we hit for millions! She is off to the beach with a beach house up and down the east coast and becomes a beach bum!!