TDC Ideas – 1 & 2

TDC Idea #1

Take your camera with you during the day and see if you can find something that reminds you of your childhood! Here’s one of my childhood memories:




TDC Idea #2

What is your favorite season? Take an image and make it Noir!! I like the fall so here is my Noir fall picture – you can draw it, use a photo editor, or any method you like!





Interview with George Bozzo

I am George Bozzo – a man of few words! I don’t like interviews so be lucky you got the bit you got! I’d interview with “Red” again though! Yes this is it – no more – no less! A few good questions I was willing to answer without incriminating myself . . .


Late Night – Monday Night Extra (Extra) Credit

@GWBozzo – that’s who I am and I was in attendance on Monday March 23 for the pre-show and special ds106radio episode! Watch your back if you don’t come through and do what you promise – I’ll be watching you!

Bacon – they spoke about bacon recipes – I tried to get my cook in there to listen but no luck he was out for the night! I’m making him listen to “Fatal Femmes” for a listen so he can get some good recipes!  DS106Radio in order to view a preview of characters and posters . . .

Schedules – it was hard to keep my schedule because it started 30-minutes late – I demand extra extra credit for my valuable time!

Now this is my style . . .


“Agency” – Final Unit Choice

“Red” – Isabelle Red McIntosh and I (George W. Bozzo) will be working the final unit as a team: a family team! We will be creating our “Agency” and finishing noir106 together! Even though she thinks I am armed and dangerous – this femme fatale like a dangerous man! Here is “Red’s” PSA! What’s this dame thinking – armed and dangerous!



My Video – Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious

Now this was one tough assignment. I think everything that could go wrong went wrong and nothing was easy! It was cool watching the movie “Notorious” by Alfred Hitchcock with a different perspective and goal! Watching for clips that we could use for this assignment that fit some of what we learned from our readings and video clip watching. I finally found the one that I could relate to and that was the one-point perspective and some zooms both in the clip. But then to add it to a movie maker program and then narrate what you learned and how they fit together. WOW what a process!

I chose the scene because it did involve two areas that I learned about and I enjoyed throughout the movie. I also added some still shots of my favorite noir scenes that I have learned through the semester so far. Like the shadows, dark, street scenes, and of course our females which are always in the scene and always up to no good.

Inspire 4

Inspire number 4 . . .

3 Frames of Love

The importance of family and love is so inspiring here that it would be impossible not to be inspired. From start to current time – the love of a family, a couple and everything in between! I thought this was a good piece of work with a really good selection of pictures to get the point across.