I shopped and I walked around the Kids Expo in Fredericksburg and it was very difficult. Most of what I found was simply poster type ads. I was able to come up with 10 photos/images and they are posted in my Design  Blitz album in Flickr. It was kind of cool trying to find things or pictures that fit the description. Of all the concepts I think I like the color. Color sets the mood and draws attention. I also liked the typography because I was able to relate it back to our daily create of a creative hand. The words blend with my desire to write and the hand for the creativity and I found this picture:


I say color was my favorite concept because it creates mood and draws attention and the picture I found is usually done with a box of crayons and it really cool. To me it also has a touch of noir in it starting out in total black background. Definitely meets the color requirement:


Symbols or symbolism is a part of almost every person’s day. We all see different symbols and react or stop just because they are aware of the symbols and what it represents. Like boys and their toys no matter how old they are good old John Deere is usually a part of the toy chest:

john_deere symbols

I’m not sure if the next picture of a snowy day (today actually Valentines Day) in PA a friend took this picture. I am no sure if it is dominance because it is almost totally white with all the snow or space because it is almost totally white:


Let’s not forget form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, and unity. I think all of these elements are effective depending on what you are looking at. Of course some pictures can combine and use several elements at once which would make it difficult to determine which one is most effective. I must share my photo showing proportion. I believe it is very effective and cute:


Thoughts About Audio Storytelling

I watched both the Touch of Evil and Touch of Evil 1958  the Orson Welles version. Found both to be interesting but even more so listening instead of watching. I felt with the first version it was an excellent choice of theme music as it made you anticipate what is going to happen. Your mind was instantly ready for something. You hear lots of laughter, cars, goats, the cops and their whistles, horns blowing and people talking and then bam an explosion! Totally unexpected and off line of what seemed to be going on with all the sounds and music. The second version there was a little laughter, cars, street noise and you may see people talking but you don’t really hear them. This kept the scene low-key and dramatic. It was a dramatic fade in and gets stronger and more of a beat going that stays constant.  The music kind of overpowers the sounds you need to hear.

An importance in noir film I believe are the scenes and the sound effects. These create the ambiance for you and allow you to feel and believe that you are in the room with them if you are only listening to audio and not watching anything. I think about noir audio as melodramatic, music, nighttime street scenes, it’s always dark and lonely and mean sounding! Spaces and moods build audio presence and connects you to the story and what is going on. Noir is the tone an the mood – starts low key and then moves to a more high key audio/scene.

I read The Ambience of Film Noir and combine those thoughts into the above review of what I watched.

I also listened to the Wednesday night ds106radio show. I enjoyed listening and tweeting along but continuously felt like I wasn’t connected because I had no way of knowing if I was doing things right for this as it was my first time tuning in. At one point I even tweeted -“can anybody see me” hoping for some sort of tweet back . . . It wasn’t until Bond sent the list the next day with the participants that I knew things were done right. I was prepared to try again and listen to another one if necessary.

A good example of this would be Spielberg’s Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

Just the black and white effects of both films start the feeling of noir and you just know that the film is going to be dark and mysterious. You automatically expect crime and sultry characters. So the cinematography does a pretty good job capturing for the time frame these films were produced in. Expectations now are so different and instead of film capturing and very little could be done to edit that other than a total retake now the digital recording and all the editing features are awesome.

I chose The Hitch Hiker because it sounded pretty cool and I had tried that once in my younger days and wasn’t to fond of it. The movie was still interesting if you like the mysterious, danger on the streets, coupled with the buildings and limited lighting way off in the back ground. It almost looks like it could be storming way back at the end of the street.

Snapshot 1

The required film the Killer’s Kiss I enjoyed watching and liked the effects and how the setting was dark, shadows, very dim lighting, of course buildings and streets, and gloomy at the right times like the murder scene as shown in both my still shots.

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Photo Safari – noir elements

This was a fun project! I loved the experience taking pictures and trust me many were thrown away as they just didn’t cut it!

I had to borrow a cat from a friend because I do not have a cat but like the noir cat idea. So as you can see my borrowed noir cat is in a couple different shadows behind her and the expression on her face just says “me, you talking to me!” Sarcasm from the noir cat. My second one is the venetian blind effect photo I took at work through the blinds of a naked tree which looks like it could be in a scary noir movie.

While I took two of the pictures but not this week I just love the scene for the urban nightscapes and the built environment. Both showing beautiful night time visions of lighting, buildings, streets and city life!

And then of course you have a noir cat and why not a noir dog. My dog Scooter is resting because of all the evil crimes he commits during the day. You see the lighting in the upper right hand corner which is the sunlight coming in the windows from one side. He steals the food right off my counters and tables when we are not home. At first we didn’t notice it until one day we found a couple wrappers under the kitchen table. I can say his favorite is my homemade BBQ because he has snatched that more times than I want to count or remember.

Photo Safari


Again, I used PowerPoint as I am really comfortable in there and can manipulate the pictures and wording. I didn’t get fancy but it is also a great program for saving slides into pictures or JPEG files.

Reflections of . . .

I really enjoyed this assignment because it made me reflect on skills that I really never thought anyone needed. Snap a picture and move on to the next one! This assignment really made me understand that there are lessons to be learned about photography and there are techniques to it that make it better and better. These readings really made me understand the unknown.

I hadn’t taken many pictures in quite some time. I enjoy taking pictures and always have but I never thought much about it. More recently my son started playing soccer and I have two grandchildren now so it has stepped up my taking pictures and hoping for the good ones! I have no training other than point and click. The pictures serve their purpose which makes them a success in my book.

I believe certain photos do capture feelings and meanings. Some better than others depending on the surroundings and events. During soccer season the facial expressions caught in pictures say a lot. Definitely feelings and meanings in them.

I think I could improve my photography skill by taking more time to actually center and look at the surroundings to produce a better end result. Sort of like pre-planning a party. Lighting alone can improve skills. A little extra research on the different types of lights and their effects would help also.

The Shadow

This reading didn’t impress me much but must say still see noir there! You’ve got the crime, murder and drunks present. Definitely sultry and noir materials. I found it to be a very twisted plot in this script and not sure I like readings like this. A lot of he said/she said going on in the twists and the lack of activity made the Shadow seem to be just that a shadow you can only think is there but when you turn to look it’s gone! After spending about seventeen days out to sea no food or water and to have them just “part ways” once they got back to land is a little strange as I thought there would be connections and a thankfulness for everything each did to make it back but instead it wasn’t anything like that.

Postman Always Rings Twice

Oh my, I must say I had to keep reading I couldn’t put it down even with the fast pace in how things were happening. Noir is seen here as it is black, full of crime, and of course there’s dames involved. Boy talk about tropes, he wrote “but she had a sulky look to her, and her lips stuck out in a way that made me want to mash them in for her”. First I thought he was going to punch her in the mouth talking like mash. Crazy how it turned out to be a “passionate” type word. I never saw it coming. I truly don’t get the title based on the storyline even though I have tried to put them together. It was very interesting and good thoughts on the crimes they committed. The ending was really not expected as I thought they would live happily ever after and have their child, not death which seemed to be what they deserved for all they had done. And then for it all to be blamed on him, that note in the register like WOW!