“13” Unlucky for Some – Not All!

Week 13 Final Summary:

What an exhaustive week. Re-watched the video and kept checking back in just in case a new video was added for week 13 – That didn’t happen so we went with what we knew week 12!

Our 3rd Progress Report brought to us much knowledge and a few good leads to follow as our suspect became bolder and bolder. Here’s a few of the clues we got this time:

Snapshot Evidence

You've Been Hacked!!

We then were able to locate on the Internet a PDF file that was created with maps – they looked very similar to what we were thinking and looking for on the game. You can view our blog here:

Map Clues

Then all of a sudden once we located that map and followed those clues things just started falling into place. The evidence just started pouring in:


Note found

Map Clue 1

Map Clue 2

Map Clue 3Charlton_Farmhouse

And the final clue was a post made by none other than “Burtis” herself:


4th Progress Report

Please watch our Vimeo video to watch our case from start to finish!

I must say this was a very fun and exciting two weeks as I used almost everything I learned up to this point in our course. I used several different means of creating evidence like Video which was our primary media chosen, Audacity audio files, GIMP, Vimeo, photography and photography editing tools, design, Web, Twitter, and Google! Most of them used with great ease . . . still not real good with GIMP but practice with the others I am getting better and better.

It’s Week Twelve. . . Almost There!

The knowledge is tremendous! The video’s are great . . . Week Twelve video was short and sweet – directly to the point:

Red and I got our Agency Noir Illusions registered early on so that we could get our case and get to working on it . . .

We received the case file – Night Rider “the missing game”! We reviewed the evidence provided and a video by Groom. . .

Our Case:

This is where we are at . . . gathering evidence and reviewing things we find:

Our primary media choice is going to be Video:

Review our Progress Reports to check out what we’ve found so far:

First Progress Report

Second Progress Report

We have also come across some evidence for our case:

We have found the note and are inspecting it for any fingerprints or indicators of who may have left it!

The Note

We found evidence that the game actually did make it in to the room . . . as this picture shows it’s on the table, maybe not exactly where Mike Black may have left it but it was there. Just after Check in

And of course my ten comments for the week:



Week 11 What More Can I Say!!

Week 11 – seems nice and short plus the video was also short but still very informative! Low and behold though it may seem short but far from it . . . lots of work. . . work . . . work!!

This week we started forming our Agency . . . and we are:

Noir Illusions Agency – PI Work

We formed a group – Myself George Staniski and Red McIntosh and created the PI Agency, I am the Field Agent and Red is the Lead Detective. The President of our Agency is none other than Paul Bond! Our business cards are available for your use now or in the future! Design work worth 2 Stars. . .

Noir Illusions Bus Card

Business Card-Red

We’ve been working really hard to get our Agency out there by creating some good media to put out you know posters and such and even went over our stars requirement to make sure it was out there . . .

Our Bumper Sticker – design assignment worth 3 stars:

Noir Illusions Bumper Sticker

Some of our PI – “Red’s” work this week . . .



And of course there is our LOGO which is design assignment worth 3.5 Stars! Noir Illusions LOGONOW . . . let’s talk about that Web presence . . . WHEW!! Creating a sub-domain was easy enough but from that point (being older and a little more challenged with this new fangled technology) it was a bear!! Kept getting this funny looking file page and just couldn’t get the appearance to match my owners original web site. Red and I worked hard and diligently for a couple days trying to get it out there!! Finally we figured out what was going wrong . . . Word Press . . . we needed to install its own instance! Our next challenge was to figure out how we both were going to have access and work on the same web presence! Finally figured that one out and Red is added as a user and can work on the web too! Loving this technology about now!! Ohhhh then comes the design and appearance and requirements . . . WOW overwhelming again. . . but we got this going on . . . You can visit our “presence” here:  Noir Illusions Agency Remember it’s a “work in progress” as we await more detail from our home office!

For 3 stars – Web Assignments I present to you my Resume

For 2 stars – Web Assignments I must ask Could you be a Wise Guy? We must know before we proceed . . . are you in or not?

Two Daily Creates Please:

Save Noddy

Happy Birthday Maggie Black!!

And Finally this weeks comments:

COMMENTS times 10!!

Two-Thirds in . . . Week Ten ds106!

Watched our video for week ten! Some good discussion but seems things are changing-up for us!

Daily creates were easy for my predecessor but I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these and even did four this week because I could and always go above and beyond! Plus I just wanted to play in the photo editor to see what I could do. I took a normal snapshot on my phone outside during the day of our trees around our house. I uploaded that photo and played with a border and then applied a “Gotham” effect and it made it look dark, dreary, and noir like tree art!

My fourth daily create – Tree Art by: George W. Bozzo:

Tree Art

And the required three:





I spent some time going through others work and leaving some comments. My post of these comments – Comments Please!! While it is easy to leave comments it is time consuming especially when you have to grab the URL of your comment so that you can link it in a blog and then the weekly summary. I’m a very busy man and don’t have time for this . . . I usually hire someone to take care of the “small details”!

I stayed up late Monday night cause you said I can get some extra credit . . . extra credit is what I like – give me all you got! Don’t slack! Click on extra credit to see my blog about this.

I spent some time organizing, changing over, and making plans to work with “Red” on a new Agency! We got this . . . Group of Two the Agency!

I worked through so many good assignments and it was hard because you just want to let everyone know that they are doing some good work! I think we have three really excellent classes going on here in Noir106 – ds106-4Life! I made some comments and posted them all on one blog!

I chose option 1 for video work during last week – and now have 15 stars for this week. The first 5 of my 15 was “highlight reels” which I enjoyed a lot but it was very time consuming and took a lot of patience for me. I believe I am getting better at the videos, movie making, and audacity but it’s still not where I would like to it to be at. I think I have a little difficulty lining things up and once I save the end result on my desktop I see a picture and title but once I upload it in to the blog it was totally black with just the arrow in the center so I don’t really know what I am doing wrong but it has happened twice during this week and I still have two more to go! UGH!! I’ll keep trying. Here is my highlight reels “Touchdown – Steelers”

My second 5 stars making 10 out of 15 was another enjoyable assignment. I think I like these types where you get to work with programs and create things that can be shared in the end. This is great but same issue with the picture showing up on the video home page. As a proud owner of a protection agency already with a long list of clients I thought I would share my Public Service Announcement with you folks:

My third 5-star assignment making 15 out of 15 was A Day in the Life of George Bozzo – very enjoyable assignment.


I was willing to piece together a few questions I was willing to answer without incriminating myself! You got what you got feel lucky! I am a man of a few words . . . hear my interview below and read my blog here – interview:


Nine Weeks of NOIR106!

Watched our video for week nine!

Really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They were quick and easy but yet a good result in the end! I know this is what was intended by this assignment and finally have a grip on it! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these quick and easy ones.

Week Nine Daily Create choices



I had already created a category for my Character George. It is “All about George”!  I registered his URL at the link provided! It was also very cool that we could go and look at previous responses and “confirm” our submission! This was a very easy step by step process to follow and add the URL for this part of the weekly assignments.

I completed my final reflection of our radio show “Noir We There Yet” and added that to my radio show category!

Choices – choices we all have to make choices! I wasn’t quite sure with everything going on at work and of course spring finally getting here how my schedule would be. I did wait and read the choices several times before deciding that I would just take choice one offered! It just worked for me at this time. . . I may regret it later but here are my 8 stars of assignments:

4 Star Assignment #1:

I literally wrote myself a letter reflecting on what I would say to myself as a sixteen year-old girl again! I then read the letter using audacity and then also recorded some background music so that I could bring them together into a MP3 and uploaded that into Sound Cloud and added a personal picture! Of course by tagging it appropriately it gets seen. I also sent it out as a tweet and have had it “re-tweeted” several times now. I love working with audacity it has become so easy to use – but I know there is so much more it can do!

4 Star Assignment #2

I attempted to use Power Point and create an MP4 video but that didn’t seem to work out so well. There is an end result but nothing like what I am used to turning in. I haven’t been able to figure out how to place a picture like we do when we use Sound Cloud into the video presentation.

George Meets “Red”

Listened to “NOIR at Night” and tweeting along as it played:

I learned “How to read a movie” by reading the Roger Ebert’s article this week. I found this to be very interesting and enlightening! Of course I never really looked at a movie I was watching with such keen eyes on what they were saying or doing technique or angle wise to make you feel a certain way. I think it was just an automatic expectation that if it were an action adventure that it would keep me on the edge of my seat. Now I think after reading this and watching several of the videos I will probably find myself defining what they are doing by technique or angles.

I watched the following Vimeo videos this week:

These were all three very cool and to the point lessons in how to read a movie.

I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s – Notorious! I love me some Carry Grant what a man/actor! This was a great assignment and I found it to be very eventful and a great addition to my knowledge.

Video Essay Assignment – the last thing I expected in ds106 was an essay! I found it a very hard to understand the assignment without reading it over and over. I went to the additional links and found it hard to see things as they no longer functioned or at least for me they didn’t. Most had a message like this that came from You Tube

“Dawn of the Dead, …” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

I was at a loss once again and stepped away from the assignment with hopes of coming back to it with a clear mind and wide awake energized self! I came back from a long break and finally was able to read the assignment again and made sense of it.

This was the hardest assignment of ds106 yet! I started by watching the movie Notorious again so that I could look at it in a different mind set. I selected the scene I wanted to cover in my essay and had to work really hard on getting this to work. I ended up playing the video on my computer and recording the scene on my cell phone. I then uploaded through messenger the video from my phone and was able to save my video on the computer. I then uploaded it into Windows Movie Maker which was already installed on my computer. This was a great program and very easy to figure out! I loved it once I got going in it! Now . . .

I didn’t like how I was narrating over top of the video scene so I went back out to the movie and pulled some great still shots of various noir scenes that I liked so that while I did my narration you see these clips and then it leads into the video scene and plays that! So you hear my thoughts and what I learned and how they fit together and then watch the actual scene. And I am very proud of my finished product even if it isn’t perfect or really long . . .

MY FIRST VIDEO – Narrated by ME:

This took me hours to produce – but I am proud of the finished product! Whew I did it and didn’t think I could!


Half Point – Week Eight Summary

I began the week late as I was out of town for the first four days of the week which made things a little tight schedule wise! But I still was able to manage and get it all done without much stress!

I listened to the recording and read the Week 8 post as usual:

Week Eight

Not only was it a week of hodge-podge activities I also did the very same with the order I did things this week. I started with a TDC and then a couple of Inspire posts. I found this pretty easy to do at this point.

My daily creates:

Ransom note - Groom


And my Music Changes Me poem. . .

I spent some time listening to a radio show or two . . . I blogged about Noir Not the Father . . .

Did a few Inspires on others work! This was interesting and fun . . . Inspire Me!

We had to do ten comments again  so you can check them out!

Brenda Levoy and I collaborated on a couple assignments which I think turned out pretty good and connected our radio show and characters yet again.

See my 10 stars of assignments - this is one of my favorites!

Red My Valentine

Worked on setting up a Gmail account and Twitter account for George. That was a success and he can send emails and tweet now!








Break, Break, Break Radio Days Week 7 (Includes Spring Break)

End of week two – radio show! Again, this week went very well! We have one of the best groups I have ever worked in – absolutely no issues, everyone did their part and without having to be prompted at all. The Google Doc was the best idea and I am glad that I got to work in and discover this process. It is awesome as we all worked in it at once and could see one another and track exactly what we were chatting about while actually making the changes within the document! Can’t get any better than this I thought! Watched the weekly video – a little lengthy I might add but hey well worth as two of our team member got an awesome shout out about their work! Capture Emily Our group continued working on the radio show finishing up with a group meeting in the ITCC Building on Saturday to do the recording. This too went so well and it was very cool doing something that I have never done before. Again, another first for me was recording in the booth. We worked well together and things went pretty seamless except one of our first recording kind of come up missing in the end and we had to record it again and Sound Cloud didn’t want to cooperate and wouldn’t let it fully download. We then decided to record it into smaller clips and they downloaded just fine. And the final product:

“Noir We There Yet?” NWTY Radio Show!!

We worked on three daily creates during the week and with the radio show final project due I really focused on the first ones that came out but I still had to have an interest in them before I did them. I only skipped one but here are my three Daily Creates:

I realize I had a little difficulty with the comments assignment last week, however, and of course after I posted the final summary, It cleared up in my mind and I realized what it was supposed to be. I then started commenting and capturing the comments. Saved them all to a Word document so that I could complete the assignment properly and have at least ten comments. Here is my post to my comments:

Comments, Comments, and more Comments – Week 7

It was a short week – I loved it and really look forward to the spring break!



Noir Radio Days – Week 6 & 7!

What an interesting and quick-moving week. Radio days started really well! We have Spencer Scott, Cody Walker, Brenda Levoy, Emily Bostaph, and myself Barbara Hall. With five members of our group we quickly determined that we would need at least 25 minutes of show.

A Google Doc was created for us to all collaborate on and bring our group and ideas all together. This went really smooth for our group and we soon found out that we work well together and all have some great ideas and thoughts. Here’s our Google Doc so you can see our process and all of our ideas.

We assigned the three bumpers and three commercials required so everyone could get a good head start working on them. We finally came up with our group name after working out a few. End result “Noir We There Yet?” is who we are and our radio station ID is NWTY – that’s right “naughty” because that’s a part of Noir! We then went out to the Google Doc for the instructors and added our group. We also invited all three instructors to our group document in order to keep them “in the loop” so to speak with us and our progress.

We then started actually pinning assignments and making certain everyone had a share of the ideas, decisions, and final project. We determined what type of show we were going to have and that being a news broadcast of some crime and things happening in our town. We strategically pulled each of our characters in one by one to ensure it all made sense. Characters Vinny D and George Bozzo are Mafia Boss’s for two different families and areas. Of course they are both interested in winning the heart of Cecilia (femme fatale). Donnie Rawlen our news commentator and Isabelle our detective that loves a good crime.

I have used Audacity and PowerPoint while working on the bumper sticker for NWTY Radio. My bumper sticker includes some hints of one of the breaking news stories to be used in our radio show.


As we were preparing for our radio show we were including a little design to the mix and promo of our show. This gives you a hint of our radio ID and what is going to be on our show tied to one of the characters and the breaking news to come.

I love designing these things. They are fun and a good challenge to pulling things together and yet connecting them to Noir, our stories, or assignments. I used PowerPoint in order to shape, color, and fade my bumper sticker. Introducing NWTY – Noir We There Yet? radio. The tunnel is pictures in order to show where an accident is going to happen causing breaking news! It’s all very Noir to me!!

I spent an hour listening to “Mildred Pierce” on Tuesday the 17th of February! Interesting story this radio show was. I thought the first one I listened to was much better. You can listen to it here Mildred Pierce and make your own call! Very Noir to me – that Veda was something else along with her mother of course. A mother yet to be desired in my opinion!

I went on to do my ten stars worth of audio assignments which seven stars relate to my character George and the other three just a fun assignment. I began with audacity and then uploaded into Sound Cloud for two of them:

And then of course there is my radio station bumper:

I worked very diligently on my comments to others. I had difficulty tracking and getting the links . .  This was very frustrating! I am not certain this is correct but hey I tried! Here is my Twitter link.


The Design of Noir 5 Weeks In

I watched the video and as usual picked-up some pretty good tips from it and every single week so far. It’s interesting how I have looked all the way back to week one and remember the fear and the overwhelming feeling but yet here I am in Week 5 still learning and week 1 is just a blur as I use all the things we started with. WordPress was really scary and now it’s a breeze. I love what we are learning and would like to share it! But first you must know that Groom has vanished . . . find details here:  Groom has vanished! I haven’t forgotten Groom but the assignments aren’t exactly tied to Groom! But hey he is in my thoughts and I hope they find him soon! Groom had Vanished!!

I really do not feel ready to create assignments or tutorials at this time. I just don’t feel like I am up to speed quite yet. I do have them on my focus and will begin thinking of ideas.

This week we worked on reading and reflections quite a bit and some noir design. I always enjoy learning but really enjoyed this week because it brought more design and layout into our knowledge base. I feel this is all building up to something BIG!! I read and reflected then blogged on The Vignelli Canon which you can view my blog from that link. This was a very good assignment and gave us all some good things to think about while doing our work. I saved the PDF file so that I an refer back to it as needed. It seems to be a lot to this design but you can definitely tell that he truly loves design. I never really thought much about design until this course and boy let me tell you I am learning a lot. I don’t think I have ever used so many different programs and completed so many assignments! Design will now be in my forefront of projects. I feel that the assignments while very overwhelming when you first see them all but become easier and easier with all the tools/advice we are provided along the way.

More on thoughts and ideas we followed up with a movie and I watched Double Indemnity as the age and being closer to the starting time interested me. I love the comparison to movies now and then. I also noticed such a resemblance to our video each week with Bond, Burtis, and Groom so I snipped a screen shot of this to include in my blogs/posts.

In the dark!
In the dark!

Hey even the weekly summary is getting better – or at least I think so!

Design Blitz Here! I had a lot of fun with this assignment although it was more difficult than I thought it would be along with very time consuming. I focused on  typography, dominance, symbols, and color:

Typography dominance john_deere symbols color

As usual I have fun with the daily creates and by clicking that link you can see all of them on my site http://3lilagels.us along with all of my other work and blogs! Isn’t this just great! I can watch in one place how I have learned and grown! Some of my creations this week were hand drawn like the following:

Love of Writing

Oh and I used a new program call Picasso which allows you to put together sketches and things here is my Happy Birthday wish to “That David” as I made my creation of what he looks like – I did forget his glasses but that was a good thing because maybe he can’t see how bad it is:


Oh and let’s not forget the old time sitcom Bewitched. . . I love the wiggle of the nose and getting things done or making something (or someone) disappear. I enjoyed this assignment the most as being in and intense course (more than just one) I could really use these superpowers right about now:

Super Magical Powers

We were instructed to inform ourselves about Copyright & Creative Commons. I read several readings provided on Fair Use, Creative Commons, and Copyrights. We were also given two clips to watch. I found one to be interesting and the other a little hard to understand. These were all listed as number 6 in our Week 5 – Design of Noir work sheet. My blog about my impression of the fair use doctrine, copyrights, and creative commons is here: My Impressions of Copyright Laws. I shared the Disney clip that I had difficulties understanding.

Now we moved on to our design assignments – 12 stars! I went through the assignments and read and looked hard because the first was needed to be at least 4 stars. All of my assignments can be found in the category Design and I completed a total of 14 stars as the ones I really liked I went for and went a little over on the stars. I find the 1 and 2 stars are just not very challenging. My four star was  wallpaper for ds106 . . .

Beautiful city Pittsburgh
Beautiful city Pittsburgh

I then went on and did two 3.5 star assignments because we needed at least 6 of the stars to be related to our character. I did a bumper sticker to advertise George’ services offered and an invitation to his Masquerade Ball. Want to join me? George of course you all have met him and read his Character Dossier. And then I did one 3 star assignment which was an advertisement for bird seed and of course a snack for Sylvester!

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!
Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!
You're Invited!!
You’re Invited!

Protection Bumper Sticker

Audio Storytelling Week – 4

Last week seemed to be a better week as I really began to understand things more and more. Watching the weekly video is always helpful and I like that you can go back to it and listen again to make sure you have things right.

I went ahead and downloaded Audacity right away as suggested and played with it a little. Seems like it may be a little tough but who knows. . . . Audacity Went through and read the audio resources pages and downloaded Lame v 3.99.3 and FFmpeg v 2.2.2 successfully. The instructions were great and it was a very easy process or I just got lucky! A matter of a few clicks and it was all there. I attempted to knock out the daily creates – I was so inspired by the first one and  I wanted a good picture of something here locally. Fredericksburg is so full of history and sites especially of ruins. So much is left run down and this create I really enjoyed well until I saw it on my site but not the daily create sight. Noticed my time wasn’t set correctly on my post as it was about 7:30 PM but the blog said it was published at 00:27 AM. Had to seek some advice and corrected that in the system by going to the Settings menu on the left side of WP and choosing General Settings and then corrected the time zone field. But I was also informed that I had forgotten to tag my Flickr picture . . . boy that was a bummer. So looked like I was back at square one and still needed to complete two but I wanted to share all three in my summary.

Electric & Power plant F'burg VA


It's a puppy thing (2)

I really had fun with all three of these and it was a much better experience than prior weeks. Things are not taking as long and are more streamlined since I am understanding better. You can see my blogs about my daily creates here.

Now let’s talk about this bumper! This was a tough assignment for me and very time consuming. While I enjoyed it and loved playing with audacity it was really challenging.

Ah George’s storytelling only by sound effects audio assignment (3.5 Stars) George had a rough day and we blogged all about it. Some people are dead and he’s not taking the heat for it. I thought this audio was a little easier as I get used to using and playing around in Audacity. Sound Cloud is coming along pretty good and getting really easy. Love the drag and drop feature. Even the Mp3 files are pretty easy. You can see the blog here:  Audio Assignments 

More audio assignments (3.5 Stars), again these are getting easier and a little more fun as I learn to move through audacity more and more. I enjoyed putting together tracks and doing a voice recording for this assignment of a 911 call. I wish they were fun and not all serious and troubled! Here’s my blog:  911 How May I Help You?

Here are 2 more stars to add to the audio assignments. These have been very interesting and fun to work with and put together. Still need some practice but hey practice makes perfect. Here is my final assignment link:  A Family Portrait

I took time to think a little and came up with a few brainstorming ideas. I created a blog and posted it here with my ideas: Brainstorm!

I watched both the Touch of Evil and Touch of Evil 1958  the Orson Welles version. Found both to be interesting but even more so listening instead of watching. I felt with the first version it was an excellent choice of theme music as it made you anticipate what is going to happen. Your mind was instantly ready for something.

I also listened to the Wednesday night ds106radio show. I enjoyed listening and tweeting along but continuously felt like I wasn’t connected because I had no way of knowing if I was doing things right for this as it was my first time tuning in.

Wrote the blog with multiple discussions on the audio storytelling at the following link: Audio Storytelling