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I again really enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these and even did four this week because I just wanted to play in the photo editor to see what I could do. I took a normal snapshot on my phone outside during the day of our trees around our house. I uploaded that photo and played with a border and then applied a “Gotham” effect and it made it look dark, dreary, and noir like tree art! I added them in the order that I enjoyed working on them! As a member of the family I like things dark and I love Gotham . . .


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Married almost 30-years; 3 children (28, 26, & 12); working full-time; and pursuing my Bachelor's Degree @ UMW!!

3 thoughts on “My Daily Creates . . .”

  1. Barbara, your daily creates are wonderful! So inspired! I have to say that your 15-second Batman is much more advanced than mine! Haha Kudos! Great work this week.

    Julia out.

  2. I was wondering how you did your tree art, I really like the Noir effect. Daily creates are always a fun assignment during the day. I love that you can pretty much do them anywhere

  3. I really like all of your daily creates this week, but particularly your tree art. It reminds me of one of those pin table toys that are always breaking–I don’t know what they’re called. It really brings out a unique texture.

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