This Week’s (7) Daily Creates

Deep Space 106


This was a very challenging daily create. I chose this one because of that very reason. I love drawing and sketching but of course I am not very good at it. It’s an original by all means of something I was looking at to sketch and it seemed easy. I uploaded it to Flickr, as we do with all of our daily creates so that I could tag it to our daily create site. This site is so full of great works.

You can see the current daily create or venture through other assignments here: The Daily Create

No Fun!!

This was another daily create I chose mainly because it seemed simple. Well little did I know that there  were so many emojis symbols. Wow I don’t even know what they all mean. I was overwhelmed by the amount of them. I knew there were some out there but nothing like what I found. I loved the generator but just couldn’t come up with a storyline from them. So I made my own story. . . simple but true!!


Oh and let’s not forgot the “Happy Birthday” wish to Grant Potter! I did this just because I like birthdays and it was something new. Never heard of an Ice Weasel so I looked it up and tried to make it all fit together!

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