TDC Ideas – 1 & 2

TDC Idea #1

Take your camera with you during the day and see if you can find something that reminds you of your childhood! Here’s one of my childhood memories:




TDC Idea #2

What is your favorite season? Take an image and make it Noir!! I like the fall so here is my Noir fall picture – you can draw it, use a photo editor, or any method you like!





Two-Thirds in . . . Week Ten ds106!

Watched our video for week ten! Some good discussion but seems things are changing-up for us!

Daily creates were easy for my predecessor but I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these and even did four this week because I could and always go above and beyond! Plus I just wanted to play in the photo editor to see what I could do. I took a normal snapshot on my phone outside during the day of our trees around our house. I uploaded that photo and played with a border and then applied a “Gotham” effect and it made it look dark, dreary, and noir like tree art!

My fourth daily create – Tree Art by: George W. Bozzo:

Tree Art

And the required three:





I spent some time going through others work and leaving some comments. My post of these comments – Comments Please!! While it is easy to leave comments it is time consuming especially when you have to grab the URL of your comment so that you can link it in a blog and then the weekly summary. I’m a very busy man and don’t have time for this . . . I usually hire someone to take care of the “small details”!

I stayed up late Monday night cause you said I can get some extra credit . . . extra credit is what I like – give me all you got! Don’t slack! Click on extra credit to see my blog about this.

I spent some time organizing, changing over, and making plans to work with “Red” on a new Agency! We got this . . . Group of Two the Agency!

I worked through so many good assignments and it was hard because you just want to let everyone know that they are doing some good work! I think we have three really excellent classes going on here in Noir106 – ds106-4Life! I made some comments and posted them all on one blog!

I chose option 1 for video work during last week – and now have 15 stars for this week. The first 5 of my 15 was “highlight reels” which I enjoyed a lot but it was very time consuming and took a lot of patience for me. I believe I am getting better at the videos, movie making, and audacity but it’s still not where I would like to it to be at. I think I have a little difficulty lining things up and once I save the end result on my desktop I see a picture and title but once I upload it in to the blog it was totally black with just the arrow in the center so I don’t really know what I am doing wrong but it has happened twice during this week and I still have two more to go! UGH!! I’ll keep trying. Here is my highlight reels “Touchdown – Steelers”

My second 5 stars making 10 out of 15 was another enjoyable assignment. I think I like these types where you get to work with programs and create things that can be shared in the end. This is great but same issue with the picture showing up on the video home page. As a proud owner of a protection agency already with a long list of clients I thought I would share my Public Service Announcement with you folks:

My third 5-star assignment making 15 out of 15 was A Day in the Life of George Bozzo – very enjoyable assignment.


I was willing to piece together a few questions I was willing to answer without incriminating myself! You got what you got feel lucky! I am a man of a few words . . . hear my interview below and read my blog here – interview:


A Day in the Life of George Bozzo!!

It sure looks nice on my desktop and you can clearly see the video title as the image on the video – but I am certain like the others it just won’t appear again! But I searched and I tried and couldn’t hold off any longer posting my final 5 stars making 15 of 15 stars. I have to say I enjoyed each and everyone and I loved working in Movie Maker and getting the clips for each of them. And having it all come together in a decent (not perfect)  end product! Well here is how I spend my day crammed into just a few minutes. Of course there are certain sections that I can’t share like really how much time I spent with the girlfriend . . . can’t be to careful. Here’s my movie:

Yep black again – this technology is a struggle for us older folk! It sure does so much for you but it sure does work against you too! I’d just as soon not use any! Back to the simple days and simpler times!! But you young ones know what to do to watch my video!

Interview with George Bozzo

I am George Bozzo – a man of few words! I don’t like interviews so be lucky you got the bit you got! I’d interview with “Red” again though! Yes this is it – no more – no less! A few good questions I was willing to answer without incriminating myself . . .


George’s PSA Message

Protection – that’s my game – A gun that’s my weapon of choice even though any weapon can do harm and here is what I think about it all:

Second assignment making 10 of 15 stars! I got this – and remember Noir is dark and so are my video title pages!

Various pictures of just some of the weapons I use daily – you never know what’s coming until it’s there! The gun of course being my weapon of choice – and the best because it’s protection that is protected by our 2nd amendment! And I’d like to keep it that way – it’s my business!


Touchdown – Steelers

For the first 5 of my 15 stars I chose to do “Highlight Reels” – I couldn’t just choose one person though! I love my Steelers and it takes “teamwork” so I couldn’t leave anyone out. Still holding the record for the most Super-Bowl Wins!!

It took some research and a lot of patience and time to get all the clips. They make some good touchdown moves! Added a little theme music to set the mood and a couple of extra pictures to finish it off! I put it together in Movie Maker and am really proud of the end result:




Late Night – Monday Night Extra (Extra) Credit

@GWBozzo – that’s who I am and I was in attendance on Monday March 23 for the pre-show and special ds106radio episode! Watch your back if you don’t come through and do what you promise – I’ll be watching you!

Bacon – they spoke about bacon recipes – I tried to get my cook in there to listen but no luck he was out for the night! I’m making him listen to “Fatal Femmes” for a listen so he can get some good recipes!  DS106Radio in order to view a preview of characters and posters . . .

Schedules – it was hard to keep my schedule because it started 30-minutes late – I demand extra extra credit for my valuable time!

Now this is my style . . .