My Daily Creates . . .


Tree Art



I again really enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these and even did four this week because I just wanted to play in the photo editor to see what I could do. I took a normal snapshot on my phone outside during the day of our trees around our house. I uploaded that photo and played with a border and then applied a “Gotham” effect and it made it look dark, dreary, and noir like tree art! I added them in the order that I enjoyed working on them! As a member of the family I like things dark and I love Gotham . . .


“Agency” – Final Unit Choice

“Red” – Isabelle Red McIntosh and I (George W. Bozzo) will be working the final unit as a team: a family team! We will be creating our “Agency” and finishing noir106 together! Even though she thinks I am armed and dangerous – this femme fatale like a dangerous man! Here is “Red’s” PSA! What’s this dame thinking – armed and dangerous!



Nine Weeks of NOIR106!

Watched our video for week nine!

Really enjoyed doing the daily creates! They were quick and easy but yet a good result in the end! I know this is what was intended by this assignment and finally have a grip on it! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these quick and easy ones.

Week Nine Daily Create choices



I had already created a category for my Character George. It is “All about George”!  I registered his URL at the link provided! It was also very cool that we could go and look at previous responses and “confirm” our submission! This was a very easy step by step process to follow and add the URL for this part of the weekly assignments.

I completed my final reflection of our radio show “Noir We There Yet” and added that to my radio show category!

Choices – choices we all have to make choices! I wasn’t quite sure with everything going on at work and of course spring finally getting here how my schedule would be. I did wait and read the choices several times before deciding that I would just take choice one offered! It just worked for me at this time. . . I may regret it later but here are my 8 stars of assignments:

4 Star Assignment #1:

I literally wrote myself a letter reflecting on what I would say to myself as a sixteen year-old girl again! I then read the letter using audacity and then also recorded some background music so that I could bring them together into a MP3 and uploaded that into Sound Cloud and added a personal picture! Of course by tagging it appropriately it gets seen. I also sent it out as a tweet and have had it “re-tweeted” several times now. I love working with audacity it has become so easy to use – but I know there is so much more it can do!

4 Star Assignment #2

I attempted to use Power Point and create an MP4 video but that didn’t seem to work out so well. There is an end result but nothing like what I am used to turning in. I haven’t been able to figure out how to place a picture like we do when we use Sound Cloud into the video presentation.

George Meets “Red”

Listened to “NOIR at Night” and tweeting along as it played:

I learned “How to read a movie” by reading the Roger Ebert’s article this week. I found this to be very interesting and enlightening! Of course I never really looked at a movie I was watching with such keen eyes on what they were saying or doing technique or angle wise to make you feel a certain way. I think it was just an automatic expectation that if it were an action adventure that it would keep me on the edge of my seat. Now I think after reading this and watching several of the videos I will probably find myself defining what they are doing by technique or angles.

I watched the following Vimeo videos this week:

These were all three very cool and to the point lessons in how to read a movie.

I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s – Notorious! I love me some Carry Grant what a man/actor! This was a great assignment and I found it to be very eventful and a great addition to my knowledge.

Video Essay Assignment – the last thing I expected in ds106 was an essay! I found it a very hard to understand the assignment without reading it over and over. I went to the additional links and found it hard to see things as they no longer functioned or at least for me they didn’t. Most had a message like this that came from You Tube

“Dawn of the Dead, …” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

I was at a loss once again and stepped away from the assignment with hopes of coming back to it with a clear mind and wide awake energized self! I came back from a long break and finally was able to read the assignment again and made sense of it.

This was the hardest assignment of ds106 yet! I started by watching the movie Notorious again so that I could look at it in a different mind set. I selected the scene I wanted to cover in my essay and had to work really hard on getting this to work. I ended up playing the video on my computer and recording the scene on my cell phone. I then uploaded through messenger the video from my phone and was able to save my video on the computer. I then uploaded it into Windows Movie Maker which was already installed on my computer. This was a great program and very easy to figure out! I loved it once I got going in it! Now . . .

I didn’t like how I was narrating over top of the video scene so I went back out to the movie and pulled some great still shots of various noir scenes that I liked so that while I did my narration you see these clips and then it leads into the video scene and plays that! So you hear my thoughts and what I learned and how they fit together and then watch the actual scene. And I am very proud of my finished product even if it isn’t perfect or really long . . .

MY FIRST VIDEO – Narrated by ME:

This took me hours to produce – but I am proud of the finished product! Whew I did it and didn’t think I could!


My Video – Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious

Now this was one tough assignment. I think everything that could go wrong went wrong and nothing was easy! It was cool watching the movie “Notorious” by Alfred Hitchcock with a different perspective and goal! Watching for clips that we could use for this assignment that fit some of what we learned from our readings and video clip watching. I finally found the one that I could relate to and that was the one-point perspective and some zooms both in the clip. But then to add it to a movie maker program and then narrate what you learned and how they fit together. WOW what a process!

I chose the scene because it did involve two areas that I learned about and I enjoyed throughout the movie. I also added some still shots of my favorite noir scenes that I have learned through the semester so far. Like the shadows, dark, street scenes, and of course our females which are always in the scene and always up to no good.

My Girl “Red” – 4 Stars

Seems very old school – MP4 video. But George wants to meet Red some kind of bad! He loved his interview with her and really wants to pursue her and help with her career and where she is going! As you scroll over the title – watch the silent video clip as George tries to share his feelings and what he would like to do!

Listening to “NOIR at Night”

This was a little difficult. Mostly commercials – but good ones. I think it could have been longer and more of a story line. I found it hard to listen to and keep an interest in it.

I can’t really put my finger on any characters or story line here. I noticed while tweeting there wasn’t much to say. Kind of wished I would have tuned in another night!


Dear Sweet 16 Year Old Me! (4 Stars)

Oh the things we wish we knew then that we know now! To be able to go back and do things differently!

I chose this assignment (4 Stars) because I liked the idea of being of to look back and tell myself what I wish someone would have told me then! I originally thought this couldn’t be an assignment I could come up with but then once I started it went on and on. I was very surprised.

It clearly said this could be done via video or audio either one so I chose the audio because I hate seeing myself in video’s and pictures!

I pretty much covered the things I would try a different way if I had it all to do over again! Thanks for the opportunity to reflect back!

Reflections of “Noir We There Yet” Radio Show!

I enjoyed this project very much and for the first time really got lucky with a great group! I can’t begin to explain how much better and smooth things went just as a result of having a good group with everyone doing a part!

I was out of town for work obligations and was not able to listen to our radio show live when it aired! I know that Brenda and Spencer listened live on behalf of the group – but I so would have loved to listen first hand. I have listened to it actually several times.

I am actually very proud of this production and I feel we all did an awesome job working on it together! We have received a few comments but nothing real critical.

I think I would have taken more time and worked more closely in the final product. While we worked very quickly and diligently and put this together I think if I could do anything differently it would be to edit and edit the final before submission. This really could use three weeks to complete and that would allow more time to edit and really put it together smooth. There is a commercial repeated and some of the background sounds were a little longer than I would have liked. Although we carefully planned out the time it still didn’t work well in the end.

I think I enjoyed working in the group at the UMW booth the most. I loved the google doc work too but not as much as the live interaction in the booth!

One of the hardest things was the timing – trying to layout the show and set the time so we hit 25 minutes. Again, I think we would have had an even better end product if we had just a little more time to complete the assignment.

My advice to future ds106 students would be not to waste a single minute getting started and working all the way through it. With a dynamic group it can be done but timing is everything.

Great assignment though!

Create, Create and more Daily Creates!!

I am enjoying the daily creates at this point since I have the hang of it along with control of the time it takes for each one! Some are a little more time consuming but I like that we can pick and choose which days we want to do which ones!

Daily Create #1 for Week Nine:


I chose this one because it has been a strong focus for me recently as I am getting older and want to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor! A little relaxation and enjoying travels and seeing things I couldn’t as our vacations were always short and interrupted with work! I’m going to get there one day!!

Daily Create #2 for Week Nine:


I chose this one because I hate junk mail! Such a waste of time, money, and resources! This is what I love to do with “junk mail” – SHRED-IT! Never thought about “art” coming from it but hey – I think this is pretty good!