Design To Shock George!!

Designed to Shock! GeorgeI chose this assignment design to shock (4 Points) because I thought it would be interesting. George will be watching – always watching! He watches his business, wife, his customers, his clients he protects, the streets and everything else he sees going on around him and his family.

During my childhood we were always watched very close when my Uncle George was around. We weren’t allowed to hear his storytelling for some reason or another. It use to creep me out because we would be in another room playing and you could feel his eyes watching you.

Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

Just the black and white effects of both films start the feeling of noir and you just know that the film is going to be dark and mysterious. You automatically expect crime and sultry characters. So the cinematography does a pretty good job capturing for the time frame these films were produced in. Expectations now are so different and instead of film capturing and very little could be done to edit that other than a total retake now the digital recording and all the editing features are awesome.

I chose The Hitch Hiker because it sounded pretty cool and I had tried that once in my younger days and wasn’t to fond of it. The movie was still interesting if you like the mysterious, danger on the streets, coupled with the buildings and limited lighting way off in the back ground. It almost looks like it could be storming way back at the end of the street.

Snapshot 1

The required film the Killer’s Kiss I enjoyed watching and liked the effects and how the setting was dark, shadows, very dim lighting, of course buildings and streets, and gloomy at the right times like the murder scene as shown in both my still shots.

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

And Continues – Week Three

Trying to stick to some of the lessons learned over the past two weeks I am again starting my weekly post and working on it a little each day. I began week three with the video again. Very interesting hack from a black cat – noir for you I guess!

I am still finding these helpful with details as I listen and review the post for the week. Working out of order again but I find The Daily Creates interesting and am now going to them daily to see what I want to try. I worked hard on one but just couldn’t get it to work for me . . . but hey there are more days in the week. Loved the droodle! I took a chance on that on because while I am in meetings and a lot of them I tend to do just that – doodle on my notes and in my notes! This was pretty easy to manage and enough skills were learned last week in order to accomplish this one. Working on number two has been a little more challenging but I finally did achieve and end result. I found working in the 2048 game was pretty easy and then of course played a round of the one I made for myself but then getting it to Flickr seems to always snag me! I kept trying until I finally got it in there. It’ still hard to remember the tags when you are not used to doing things like that. I am trying to remember to write the tag lines down and then enter them into your work. I must say though it is a good feeling when you finally see your creation out there posted.

Those Pesky Errands – Instructions on how to do something! The Daily Create



I’ve been reflecting on noir and still doing research. I find this very interesting and I am getting a better understanding of what it is I think. I watched the Killer’s Kiss and the Hitch Hiker earlier this week and will probably go back and review them again. I always find watching a film or movie more than once reveals so much more each time. Below is one of my favorite still shots from the Killer’s Kiss.

Snapshot 2

I spent some time thinking about the visuals of storytelling and reading some of the readings like Becoming a Better Photographer and Storytelling & Visual Literacy and afterwards was able to complete my blog answering the required questions. I also worked on organizing my Blog. It was really easy as I had played a little with it before this but this task allowed me to follow-through and accomplish the organization of the blogs. It was easy to use the Categories tab to the right and/or under Posts on the left and then select categories. Through the second method you are able to set up the sub-categories of your choice. I followed the instructions and pretty much kept the same categories/sub-categories. I also started taking pictures for my Photo Safari. I have a couple but not many. It’s a little difficult to find these types of elements this time of year but I am sure I will find them or make them happen.

Photo Safari

I enjoyed this very much just for the photo taking opportunities and all the deleted photo just that just didn’t cut it. I love the city of Pittsburgh so I had to make those fit in but definitely a built environment and plenty of crime unfortunately. My borrowed noir cat and what is a cat without a dog somewhere in the picture! I chose these photos because they appeared to me to show what I needed and weren’t bad pictures at all. Maybe not professional but not bad!

What's In Your Bag George!
What’s In Your Bag George!

Visual Assignments (3 Points) this one was required but I enjoyed it and loved making it fit my Character. It was rather simple in thinking it through and gathering then placing and taking the photo. I then chose Design to Shock (4 Points) because with the photo I made I could relate to my character George and some times during my childhood when it used to creep me out.

Designed to Shock! GeorgeI also chose the Acrostic Photo (3 Points) because I always find my name being used in something a challenge. This was a little easier as I picked my favorites and that worked well. Touches of noir darkness but not many! Can you guess my name – LOL?


Acrostic Photo

What’s In Your Bag George?


What's In Your Bag George!
What’s In Your Bag George!

Ah, George being a male always keeps things simple. He of course doesn’t carry a bag but keeps everything he needs in his trench coat pockets – inside and out that is.

Cash always a lot of cash because you never know when you’ll need it.

Comb in order to keep the hair in place and out of his face.

Pen just in case he needs to sign something or maybe you will need to be signing something from him! Protection anyone? He’ll provide you the protection you need for just a little cash each week!

His ring is never kept on his finger except when he is home by his wife. This is for many purposes – first you don’t want anything in your way or getting caught on anything which could cost you your life. Second you never know who you meet and how well you might want to get to know that dame and he just couldn’t take a chance of her knowing he is married!

And then there is the pocket (and I’m not telling on him or pointing this out) some things just don’t come out until it is necessary and then POW it’s all over but they crying! And George doesn’t like hearing that!!

Each of these items were chosen because he simply needs them in his line of business. You just never know what may come up and you have to be ready at all times.

Photo Safari – noir elements

This was a fun project! I loved the experience taking pictures and trust me many were thrown away as they just didn’t cut it!

I had to borrow a cat from a friend because I do not have a cat but like the noir cat idea. So as you can see my borrowed noir cat is in a couple different shadows behind her and the expression on her face just says “me, you talking to me!” Sarcasm from the noir cat. My second one is the venetian blind effect photo I took at work through the blinds of a naked tree which looks like it could be in a scary noir movie.

While I took two of the pictures but not this week I just love the scene for the urban nightscapes and the built environment. Both showing beautiful night time visions of lighting, buildings, streets and city life!

And then of course you have a noir cat and why not a noir dog. My dog Scooter is resting because of all the evil crimes he commits during the day. You see the lighting in the upper right hand corner which is the sunlight coming in the windows from one side. He steals the food right off my counters and tables when we are not home. At first we didn’t notice it until one day we found a couple wrappers under the kitchen table. I can say his favorite is my homemade BBQ because he has snatched that more times than I want to count or remember.

Photo Safari


Again, I used PowerPoint as I am really comfortable in there and can manipulate the pictures and wording. I didn’t get fancy but it is also a great program for saving slides into pictures or JPEG files.

Acrostic Photo Poem

I chose this assignment because I felt I could be creative with it. I chose the first picture because during my childhood I had never been to the beach living in western Pennsylvania and my parents were more like the age of your grandparents so traveling wasn’t really in the picture. As an adult with children I was able to go on our own. Now I love the beach and the trips to the beach. The second picture was chosen because I love apples, pictures of apples, apple décor, and especially recipes with apples in them. I love a good salad with apples diced up in it. As you can see the pattern here I have chosen each photo with the point that it is a favorite of mine. I love the rain at night no matter where I am. Being in Pittsburgh in my childhood I went to a lot of games at the three rivers stadium and watched baseball and of course the Pirates are my favorite team. The beautiful azure sky you see while I am at the beach and another favorite sport of mine is going to the races. As a little girl my father raced, participated in the demolition derby and was a top mechanic in the pits. Of course I loved being a part of that and spending time with my dad. And the last but not the least important is my love for animals. I love pets and have always had several at one time. I have or have had each on pictured here and love them dearly. They are an important part of life and especially a child’s life.

Finally, here is my acrostic photo – can you guess my name?

Acrostic Photo

I enjoyed this assignment very much my name is not always easy to adapt things to because of the repeated letters. I used power point and then saved my images as a photo so that I could upload it to Flickr. By adding text boxes I could label each one and the photo itself. This was a fairly easy assignment.




Reflections of . . .

I really enjoyed this assignment because it made me reflect on skills that I really never thought anyone needed. Snap a picture and move on to the next one! This assignment really made me understand that there are lessons to be learned about photography and there are techniques to it that make it better and better. These readings really made me understand the unknown.

I hadn’t taken many pictures in quite some time. I enjoy taking pictures and always have but I never thought much about it. More recently my son started playing soccer and I have two grandchildren now so it has stepped up my taking pictures and hoping for the good ones! I have no training other than point and click. The pictures serve their purpose which makes them a success in my book.

I believe certain photos do capture feelings and meanings. Some better than others depending on the surroundings and events. During soccer season the facial expressions caught in pictures say a lot. Definitely feelings and meanings in them.

I think I could improve my photography skill by taking more time to actually center and look at the surroundings to produce a better end result. Sort of like pre-planning a party. Lighting alone can improve skills. A little extra research on the different types of lights and their effects would help also.