Bumper Sticker – Noir We There Yet?

I worked well with including my character, radio ID, and part of the theme of our show into this bumper sticker promo. I am enjoying these assignments more and more. Of course they are making more sense and coming together easier.

My bumper sticker promo:


As we were preparing for our radio show we were including a little design to the mix and promo of our show. This gives you a hint of our radio ID and what is going to be on our show tied to one of the characters and the breaking news to come.

I love designing these things. They are fun and a good challenge to pulling things together and yet connecting them to Noir, our stories, or assignments. I used PowerPoint in order to shape, color, and fade my bumper sticker. Introducing NWTY – Noir We There Yet? radio. The tunnel is pictures in order to show where an accident is going to happen causing breaking news! It’s all very Noir to me!!

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