Your Own Theme Song – 4 Stars

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be cool to think of the noir side of me since I believe I may be gaining one! Then to fit my character George in the picture with it being Noir, screams, and murder! I started with picking a theme song and then adding some sound effects into it through audacity. Of course once blended uploading it to Sound Cloud!

I think that I am still a work in progress but this isn’t that bad! Of course practice makes perfect and I know I need some more but things are getting easier. I think I had more difficulty picking a theme song than actually putting this together.

Solo Vocal Trio – 3 Stars

I chose this assignment because I knew I could make it fun and out there! I really enjoy working with audacity, however this seemed like such and easy assignment until I was attempting to sync the three songs. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing this and still don’t believe my end product is near perfect. But you can only sing Barney so many times.

I started with audacity and sang the song three different times. Oh, I chose Barney because I love children and we always sing, dance, and play. I couldn’t get the starting and the syncing on time. I kept trying and trying and this is the closest one I have. I worked on this for quite some time but I think it is cool how one person can really sound like a different person each time. It was unreal and none of them even sound like me but I was wearing headphones while singing and I don’t think I like the feeling from that. I would rather listen to the song and sing-a-long.

Commercial about Noir Character for NWTY? 3 Stars

So we have audacity and save file as MP3 for a bumper about our radio station. We are Noir We There Yet? or NWTY. This assignment was fun and I enjoy putting the track together and picking music but I still don’t like hearing my own voice. I love how audacity pulls these together into one track. I have experimented with as many as seven at one time and still come out with a cool sound in the end.

My character is a part of our radio show so this bumper for our station is in a bar setting with a piano playing. And of course advertising our awesome radio station ID.

I picked the piano music because it is from the time frame and seemed very noir to me as I was looking and found this tune.  Of course my character is noir to me also especially combined with this setting. I attempted to make my voice sound, well I don’t really know! That was the hardest part was to sound like a noir woman from back then. If  didn’t repeat the words twenty times I didn’t say it once! Still not to my liking but I don’t think I will ever like to hear my own voice.

Text Impersonations – Shauberger Family Portrait

Life takes us down many roads – our family is on the road of foster care right now . . . A special picture from that special little someone ….

This was a fun assignment (text impersonations – 2 stars) and very easy. I’m starting to like audacity, sound cloud, and even Word Press lol! Once I read this assignment while browsing through them I knew it was the right one and fit the Facebook message I had read!

911 What’s your Emergency?

It was easy having fun with this one – I have had to make two 911 calls in my lifetime. One worse than the other . . . they are hard, scary and very upsetting!! The operator is very annoying although she is just trying to do her job and get details and all you want is an ambulance or fire truck!! You are thinking – take action NOW and ask questions later!!

I tried to have a little fun with this one but as I was thinking about it, recording it and trying to make it fun I couldn’t help but keep thinking about my true experiences.

I have to say that audacity is getting easier as I learn to venture through it. I am cutting, pasting, copying, and moving tracks around, and deleting tracks if I choose not to use them. I’ve had as many as 7 tracks in one recording but it was a little bit much.

Happy listening:

George’s Day by Sound Effects Only!

George is in a fast paced life! Nothing you can do about it – once you are in you are innnnn!

To attempt to keep up with my character and noir his sound effects story begins with a thunderstorm, I just love a good thunderstorm. Then as you walk and take care of business through the city streets all of a sudden gun shots go off. You can’t hear where they are coming from, wait there they go again – another round. They are close and then another round and you begin to see what is going on. Man you are in hot water George just knows he will get blamed for this one if he is seen in the area.

All of a sudden you can hear ambulance sounds coming closer and closer people are down and someone must have called. I have to beat feet and get the hell out of dodge or I will get blamed for this one! I’m out of here . . .


Bump Bump Bumper!!

I totally enjoyed this assignment this week. I enjoyed working with audacity and trying to learn and manipulate things. I learned real fast how to delete your tracks as I experimented trying to get sound files to mix correctly. I did the best that I could but still seem to find a little gap in there. I also learned how to copy and paste and add multiple sound files and make them work together. This is very creative and in time I know I can get better and better at it. I can’t tell you how many times I deleted the entire thing and started over.

I chose two sounds, the first being music which I just liked the beat/sound of as the intro into the bumper. I then recorded something short an simple, and I must say  do not like to hear myself talking. I chose the car driving away because when I think of radio I always think of being in my car. Therefore one tunes in the radio to a great station and then drives on away. You meet two destinations, one is the radio tunes that are going to take you away and then you drive to reach the real destination. They say it always takes two to tango!

The free sound file download was awesome and I can’t wait to do the next part with a story told by sounds. I actually saved some for that assignment while working on this one.