Bump Bump Bumper!!

I totally enjoyed this assignment this week. I enjoyed working with audacity and trying to learn and manipulate things. I learned real fast how to delete your tracks as I experimented trying to get sound files to mix correctly. I did the best that I could but still seem to find a little gap in there. I also learned how to copy and paste and add multiple sound files and make them work together. This is very creative and in time I know I can get better and better at it. I can’t tell you how many times I deleted the entire thing and started over.

I chose two sounds, the first being music which I just liked the beat/sound of as the intro into the bumper. I then recorded something short an simple, and I must say  do not like to hear myself talking. I chose the car driving away because when I think of radio I always think of being in my car. Therefore one tunes in the radio to a great station and then drives on away. You meet two destinations, one is the radio tunes that are going to take you away and then you drive to reach the real destination. They say it always takes two to tango!

The free sound file download was awesome and I can’t wait to do the next part with a story told by sounds. I actually saved some for that assignment while working on this one.