Daily Creates times two please!!

I got to say “Happy Birthday” to Maggie Black by creating her a birthday card! This was a great daily create because it keeps us on our toes, sends a message, and satisfies one of our assignments! What more could you ask for. I haven’t work much with her but believe we soon may meet!

Happy Birthday Maggie Black!!

My second daily create – keeping me on my creative toes . . .

Save Noddy



TDC Ideas – 1 & 2

TDC Idea #1

Take your camera with you during the day and see if you can find something that reminds you of your childhood! Here’s one of my childhood memories:




TDC Idea #2

What is your favorite season? Take an image and make it Noir!! I like the fall so here is my Noir fall picture – you can draw it, use a photo editor, or any method you like!





My Daily Creates . . .


Tree Art



I again really enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! They were quick and easy but yet good results in the end! After making my creations I took a picture each time and then uploaded them into Flickr and tagged them accordingly and then they appear in the daily create site! I love these and even did four this week because I just wanted to play in the photo editor to see what I could do. I took a normal snapshot on my phone outside during the day of our trees around our house. I uploaded that photo and played with a border and then applied a “Gotham” effect and it made it look dark, dreary, and noir like tree art! I added them in the order that I enjoyed working on them! As a member of the family I like things dark and I love Gotham . . .


Create, Create and more Daily Creates!!

I am enjoying the daily creates at this point since I have the hang of it along with control of the time it takes for each one! Some are a little more time consuming but I like that we can pick and choose which days we want to do which ones!

Daily Create #1 for Week Nine:


I chose this one because it has been a strong focus for me recently as I am getting older and want to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor! A little relaxation and enjoying travels and seeing things I couldn’t as our vacations were always short and interrupted with work! I’m going to get there one day!!

Daily Create #2 for Week Nine:


I chose this one because I hate junk mail! Such a waste of time, money, and resources! This is what I love to do with “junk mail” – SHRED-IT! Never thought about “art” coming from it but hey – I think this is pretty good!


It’s The Daily Creates Week Eight!!

I think I finally got a grip on these . . . timing was great as these three daily creates were quick and easily done! I believe that was the intention the entire semester but it took time to tame myself from always trying to do something at 110%. I can even say that I am “happy” or “satisfied” with the results this week!

Presenting Week 8 – Daily Creates:

Ransom note - Groom

Music Changes Me

Written by 3lilangels on March 14, 2015 7:31 am

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Music gives me smiles
Unwinds my mind
Singing along passes miles
It gets me out of a bind
Curbs the stress
And lets me rest!

And then my favorite: Your Favorite Moment in the Past Week!! I love this one:

My granddaughter’s snow art – while playing in the snow!!







This Week’s (7) Daily Creates

Deep Space 106


This was a very challenging daily create. I chose this one because of that very reason. I love drawing and sketching but of course I am not very good at it. It’s an original by all means of something I was looking at to sketch and it seemed easy. I uploaded it to Flickr, as we do with all of our daily creates so that I could tag it to our daily create site. This site is so full of great works.

You can see the current daily create or venture through other assignments here: The Daily Create

No Fun!!

This was another daily create I chose mainly because it seemed simple. Well little did I know that there  were so many emojis symbols. Wow I don’t even know what they all mean. I was overwhelmed by the amount of them. I knew there were some out there but nothing like what I found. I loved the generator but just couldn’t come up with a storyline from them. So I made my own story. . . simple but true!!


Oh and let’s not forgot the “Happy Birthday” wish to Grant Potter! I did this just because I like birthdays and it was something new. Never heard of an Ice Weasel so I looked it up and tried to make it all fit together!

What’s Your Super Power?

As a little girl I used to love to watch Bewitched! I admired her talent at making things, including people just disappear! Using some pictures of chores we all usually end up having to do this is a wish list of what I could make disappear! Not that there aren’t a few people and things I would like to make disappear also, but hey guess I better not abuse or overuse my powers!

I just close my eyes and wiggle or twitch my nose and I can make you or whatever you want just be gone.

Super Magical Powers

Creative Hands – TDC

The creative hands – oh what they can do. I love writing which is why this assignment was so much fun. I am a little old fashioned because I would rather write pen and paper when I am doing something. One day I really want to take the time to write a book! Of course there will be note taking on my thoughts but the book would have to be typed . . . here is my daily create on Creative Hands and what I love to do:

Love of Writing