What’s In Your Bag George?


What's In Your Bag George!
What’s In Your Bag George!

Ah, George being a male always keeps things simple. He of course doesn’t carry a bag but keeps everything he needs in his trench coat pockets – inside and out that is.

Cash always a lot of cash because you never know when you’ll need it.

Comb in order to keep the hair in place and out of his face.

Pen just in case he needs to sign something or maybe you will need to be signing something from him! Protection anyone? He’ll provide you the protection you need for just a little cash each week!

His ring is never kept on his finger except when he is home by his wife. This is for many purposes – first you don’t want anything in your way or getting caught on anything which could cost you your life. Second you never know who you meet and how well you might want to get to know that dame and he just couldn’t take a chance of her knowing he is married!

And then there is the pocket (and I’m not telling on him or pointing this out) some things just don’t come out until it is necessary and then POW it’s all over but they crying! And George doesn’t like hearing that!!

Each of these items were chosen because he simply needs them in his line of business. You just never know what may come up and you have to be ready at all times.

Photo Safari – noir elements

This was a fun project! I loved the experience taking pictures and trust me many were thrown away as they just didn’t cut it!

I had to borrow a cat from a friend because I do not have a cat but like the noir cat idea. So as you can see my borrowed noir cat is in a couple different shadows behind her and the expression on her face just says “me, you talking to me!” Sarcasm from the noir cat. My second one is the venetian blind effect photo I took at work through the blinds of a naked tree which looks like it could be in a scary noir movie.

While I took two of the pictures but not this week I just love the scene for the urban nightscapes and the built environment. Both showing beautiful night time visions of lighting, buildings, streets and city life!

And then of course you have a noir cat and why not a noir dog. My dog Scooter is resting because of all the evil crimes he commits during the day. You see the lighting in the upper right hand corner which is the sunlight coming in the windows from one side. He steals the food right off my counters and tables when we are not home. At first we didn’t notice it until one day we found a couple wrappers under the kitchen table. I can say his favorite is my homemade BBQ because he has snatched that more times than I want to count or remember.

Photo Safari


Again, I used PowerPoint as I am really comfortable in there and can manipulate the pictures and wording. I didn’t get fancy but it is also a great program for saving slides into pictures or JPEG files.

Acrostic Photo Poem

I chose this assignment because I felt I could be creative with it. I chose the first picture because during my childhood I had never been to the beach living in western Pennsylvania and my parents were more like the age of your grandparents so traveling wasn’t really in the picture. As an adult with children I was able to go on our own. Now I love the beach and the trips to the beach. The second picture was chosen because I love apples, pictures of apples, apple décor, and especially recipes with apples in them. I love a good salad with apples diced up in it. As you can see the pattern here I have chosen each photo with the point that it is a favorite of mine. I love the rain at night no matter where I am. Being in Pittsburgh in my childhood I went to a lot of games at the three rivers stadium and watched baseball and of course the Pirates are my favorite team. The beautiful azure sky you see while I am at the beach and another favorite sport of mine is going to the races. As a little girl my father raced, participated in the demolition derby and was a top mechanic in the pits. Of course I loved being a part of that and spending time with my dad. And the last but not the least important is my love for animals. I love pets and have always had several at one time. I have or have had each on pictured here and love them dearly. They are an important part of life and especially a child’s life.

Finally, here is my acrostic photo – can you guess my name?

Acrostic Photo

I enjoyed this assignment very much my name is not always easy to adapt things to because of the repeated letters. I used power point and then saved my images as a photo so that I could upload it to Flickr. By adding text boxes I could label each one and the photo itself. This was a fairly easy assignment.




Reflections of . . .

I really enjoyed this assignment because it made me reflect on skills that I really never thought anyone needed. Snap a picture and move on to the next one! This assignment really made me understand that there are lessons to be learned about photography and there are techniques to it that make it better and better. These readings really made me understand the unknown.

I hadn’t taken many pictures in quite some time. I enjoy taking pictures and always have but I never thought much about it. More recently my son started playing soccer and I have two grandchildren now so it has stepped up my taking pictures and hoping for the good ones! I have no training other than point and click. The pictures serve their purpose which makes them a success in my book.

I believe certain photos do capture feelings and meanings. Some better than others depending on the surroundings and events. During soccer season the facial expressions caught in pictures say a lot. Definitely feelings and meanings in them.

I think I could improve my photography skill by taking more time to actually center and look at the surroundings to produce a better end result. Sort of like pre-planning a party. Lighting alone can improve skills. A little extra research on the different types of lights and their effects would help also.

The Killers Alternative Ending

Nick left the lunch counter, out the door on his way to see Anderson. Nick never looked back and headed straight for the Hirsch’s rooming house! Behind the tree he never noticed the two dark figures in their overcoats and derby hats. There the waited to see who left the diner and where they headed. After Ms. Bell and Nick headed up the stairs they quietly crept their way in and Ms. Bell appeared. “What you fellas doing here who you need to see?” Ms. Bell didn’t like the looks of the men. Al grabs the old woman and says “you better be quiet or I’ll take you out”. He takes her in the other room and yells at Max “it’s all up to you now”. Max quietly says back “you need to be quiet” as he notices Nick coming down the stairs and he hides in the room behind something. Nick exits the door and Al comes out dragging the old lady. Max says “where is he” Ms. Bells says “who”; Max “you know who” and Al says “oh a bright girl now” and looking at one another they both say “the same guy you took Nick to see don’t fool with us”. She resists because she knows especially since she didn’t like them when she first saw them. They quietly creep up the stairs and Max whispers to her “tell him your hear and need to talk to him” And before he could even answers Al throws the old lady out of the way and they both enter and Max is firing his gun at Anderson. Max says “we got him” and they walk away like nothing happened.

Brick Houses – What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name you ask? Usually there is a meaning behind the name. If you google your own name you can find different meanings of your name. I learned at a very young age that anything you do is important and needs to be done well. One of my favorite teachers in high school Ms. Bullock taught us accounting. She always said “accounting is like building a house, if you miss one brick the house comes tumbling down!” I have applied this saying to almost everything I do in life. Be good, be good at it and always give it your all! It shows in many different aspects of life how her analogy can fit. Even children, if early on you miss teaching them something (a brick) simple like manners, accountability or morals guess what your children usually end up in trouble or doing things they shouldn’t. Even the courses I take I still apply this to them and know missing classes or assignments makes things come tumbling down. The name “Brick Houses” for me means giving it my all and building a strong foundation that will last well into the future. Why go half stepping when it’s for your own goals and life. My picture of the turtle carries his “brick house” on his back and still fits this scenario because it is always a heavy load to keep the pressure up on a constant moving target. I believe this has helped me through the years to accomplish what I have in life.

And She Lived “Happily Ever After”


She started out of high school and decided to marry and start her family. Two children later that were established with a good footing in elementary school reading and writing well, homework was a breeze for them both she decided to go back to school and get the degree she wanted after high school.

Two and a half years later she was walking with two Associates Degrees from a community college and graduated with high honors.

Life went on and quickly full-time work started – and before she knew it ten years had passed and then another four and a half! Time, time to move on and or up. Her mind needed challenged so she pursued the next level in hopes of sharpening her skills, education and possibly moving up or moving on in the workforce!


The next chapter in hot pursuit not to take as long with this degree but yet still have high honors and work that full-time job! She enrolled in the Leadership and Management BLS Program at the University of Mary Washington! The entrance was grand as the two degrees allowed her to bring in 90 credits and leaves her only 30 UMW required credits to go. Of those credits only 18 credits were core classes and the others were electives.

The first course taken was awesome! She had such an awesome instructor and great assignments. It was tough getting back in the swing of things especially the homework! Course two was not quite as good and neither was the instructor. She just knew her GPA was blown as this course was way over her head! Thank goodness for her years of working experience and knowledge as it pulled her through. She is now in her second semester third and fourth courses and again feeling frustrated. She thought it would get easier as she slid back in and made it through the first two courses so well! She loves a challenge and finds one of her courses very challenging. This challenge builds up her determination and sharpens her abilities. She will achieve with good results! She has to!

As the baby boomers are moving out and retiring upper management is opening up for opportunities. She plans on taking on some of those opportunities. I see goals being met and her moving up the ladder as high as the ladder will take her. And she does well, all the while she participates in the company lottery! Just when she thinks she is as high as she can go we hit for millions! She is off to the beach with a beach house up and down the east coast and becomes a beach bum!!

And the Adventure Continues – Week Two!!

I started this week by viewing the video put out by the instructors. This is a great way to assist students and guide them through what they are going to be doing. I went a little out-of-order but made certain that I accomplished something everyday. Timing is very important and management of your time is even more important. I decided to go out and customize my blog. Simply log in and you will see your Dashboard by viewing the choices down the left side you can do almost anything. I went to “appearance” and selected to customize my blog. I also went to themes to explore them and made some changes based on the selections given and I did a little search for something a bit different. I also ventured in to the plugins (there were three) and added as in the assignment instructions. This was rather easy as you just followed the prompts and then activated them. Updated my “about” page and kept it simple! Low and behold Paul Bond commented on week one and I got to moderate first hand on his comment. That was really easy – clicked a link in the email and took me right there to approve it. It looked like this: A new comment on the post “Barbara’s ds106 Course” is waiting for your approval http://3lilangels.us/uncategorized/barbaras-ds106-course/ I have learned a nice feature which is you can start your blog and work on it each day and simply save it as a draft and come back to it. I love this as I can write each day about what I did and then come back in the end and review it add files to it etc. Makes this less stressful than doing it all at once! I have also been working on building my participation by reading others work and commenting. I have been tweeting and responding to tweets. Speaking of tweeting I also took Burtis’ advice and downloaded Tweet deck. Which is interesting as it sets up columns and allows you to arrange the order they are in based on your preferences and check out the tweets of your choice! I also started scoping out The Daily Creates! This was interesting because I was thinking that we would get an email automatically to prompt us for this assignment and then discovered we actually can pick which one you want to do. I missed one but then attempted the cat on a synthesizer in space – no luck there! I couldn’t get anything to cooperate with me. I counted the days left to ensure I would have at least 3 (which is required) still available to me. So I waited until the next morning – by the way great job getting them out there early as I am doing some work every morning, some every evening between my work hours and then pulling it all together on Friday – Saturday! My first daily create (cover your ears!) and the other two below:



January 24 2015

Oh the readings, how interesting I always find them. To think people were really like this and thought it was okay or even normal. The noir really comes out in them especially the Postman Always Rings Twice. I blogged about each one:

The Shadow

The Killers

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I completed the character dossier form online as asked. That was rather simple except for the idea of a character had to be thought out. I was thinking about what could they (Bond, Burtis and Groom) have in their mind that we are going to do with this character. So it had to be something interesting but yet be able to be taken to different levels. The I added some details and posted my Character Dossier – George Bozzo! .

Character Dossier – George Bozzo

I found the writing assignments interesting and it was fun trying to get the 8 points with 3 being related to the character dossier presented earlier. The alternate ending was kind of hard but I made it through! See my blogs below:

And She Lived Happily Ever After

What’s in a Name?

The Killers – An Alternative Ending

Haiku It Up George

Character Dossier – George Bozzo

George Bozzo

"It is what it is"
“It is what it is”

I am George Bozzo (pronounced “Bawzo” not Bowzo!), born back in 1934 February 14th that is in a little town in New Jersey called Newark! I have a wife and one son who I hope to carry on the family traditions! I am the proud owner of two manufacturing companies in and around Jersey. I have done things that I am proud of and some I am not but they had to be done. I’m an Italian – full blooded! These young people and their stupidity get to me all the time and of course always around my favorite dinner lasagna and my wine! But my family is my family and they always come first. My family is my prize possession in this life and nobody, I mean nobody messes with them! You see I grew up very poor, so poor that me and my six siblings all slept in one room and in the same bed! That’s all my folks could afford and I was determined not to live like this much longer! I was going to be better and make things better for all of them and I did! We never knew where our next meal was coming from or when and if that wasn’t bad enough we had to put a quarter in a box on the wall to heat the apartment – that is if we had one! Me, I loved to fish and fishing is where it all began. Fishing on the river bank one day, I actually was having good luck that day and caught several. A poor looking older man was there also and even though there were so many of us at home I felt the need to share with him. Next time I was there when he was – that kindness of sharing paid off for me in big ways. He asked me to run errands for him and he actually paid me to do them! I was loving life and buying food and heat for the family. I eventually dropped out of school because who needs it when I was doing so well. Actually better than my father could do. The errands were getting bigger and more important to him, I could just tell. I was loyal, trustworthy, and very kind to my little old man. My parent’s didn’t need to know anything except that there life was about to get better no matter what I had to do. I became the man that I am today as a result of this little old man. I am dressed to kill and always perfectly groomed. If I must say so myself, I am one tall, dark, and handsome Italian. I’m always smoking to help with the stress and it makes me think better so I just add a little extra cologne under my trench coat and keep on moving. As a “ladies man” you always have to look good and smell good! My little old man provided an apartment for me, I didn’t have to pay a dime. And then, one dark, stormy night the power went out, or at least I thought it did! It was initiation time! Without going into much detail now, the initiation went well, very well as I own and operate not one but two manufacturing companies! You know of course the business with a business behind the business. You got that!