Reflections of “Noir We There Yet” Radio Show!

I enjoyed this project very much and for the first time really got lucky with a great group! I can’t begin to explain how much better and smooth things went just as a result of having a good group with everyone doing a part!

I was out of town for work obligations and was not able to listen to our radio show live when it aired! I know that Brenda and Spencer listened live on behalf of the group – but I so would have loved to listen first hand. I have listened to it actually several times.

I am actually very proud of this production and I feel we all did an awesome job working on it together! We have received a few comments but nothing real critical.

I think I would have taken more time and worked more closely in the final product. While we worked very quickly and diligently and put this together I think if I could do anything differently it would be to edit and edit the final before submission. This really could use three weeks to complete and that would allow more time to edit and really put it together smooth. There is a commercial repeated and some of the background sounds were a little longer than I would have liked. Although we carefully planned out the time it still didn’t work well in the end.

I think I enjoyed working in the group at the UMW booth the most. I loved the google doc work too but not as much as the live interaction in the booth!

One of the hardest things was the timing – trying to layout the show and set the time so we hit 25 minutes. Again, I think we would have had an even better end product if we had just a little more time to complete the assignment.

My advice to future ds106 students would be not to waste a single minute getting started and working all the way through it. With a dynamic group it can be done but timing is everything.

Great assignment though!