“13” Unlucky for Some – Not All!

Week 13 Final Summary:

What an exhaustive week. Re-watched the video and kept checking back in just in case a new video was added for week 13 – That didn’t happen so we went with what we knew week 12!

Our 3rd Progress Report brought to us much knowledge and a few good leads to follow as our suspect became bolder and bolder. Here’s a few of the clues we got this time:

Snapshot Evidence

You've Been Hacked!!

We then were able to locate on theĀ Internet a PDF file that was created with maps – they looked very similar to what we were thinking and looking for on the game. You can view our blog here:

Map Clues

Then all of a sudden once we located that map and followed those clues things just started falling into place. The evidence just started pouring in:


Note found

Map Clue 1

Map Clue 2

Map Clue 3Charlton_Farmhouse

And the final clue was a post made by none other than “Burtis” herself:


4th Progress Report

Please watch our Vimeo video to watch our case from start to finish!

I must say this was a very fun and exciting two weeks as I used almost everything I learned up to this point in our course. I used several different means of creating evidence like Video which was our primary media chosen, Audacity audio files, GIMP, Vimeo, photography and photography editing tools, design, Web, Twitter, and Google! Most of them used with great ease . . . still not real good with GIMP but practice with the others I am getting better and better.