The Shadow

This reading didn’t impress me much but must say still see noir there! You’ve got the crime, murder and drunks present. Definitely sultry and noir materials. I found it to be a very twisted plot in this script and not sure I like readings like this. A lot of he said/she said going on in the twists and the lack of activity made the Shadow seem to be just that a shadow you can only think is there but when you turn to look it’s gone! After spending about seventeen days out to sea no food or water and to have them just “part ways” once they got back to land is a little strange as I thought there would be connections and a thankfulness for everything each did to make it back but instead it wasn’t anything like that.

Postman Always Rings Twice

Oh my, I must say I had to keep reading I couldn’t put it down even with the fast pace in how things were happening. Noir is seen here as it is black, full of crime, and of course there’s dames involved. Boy talk about tropes, he wrote “but she had a sulky look to her, and her lips stuck out in a way that made me want to mash them in for her”. First I thought he was going to punch her in the mouth talking like mash. Crazy how it turned out to be a “passionate” type word. I never saw it coming. I truly don’t get the title based on the storyline even though I have tried to put them together. It was very interesting and good thoughts on the crimes they committed. The ending was really not expected as I thought they would live happily ever after and have their child, not death which seemed to be what they deserved for all they had done. And then for it all to be blamed on him, that note in the register like WOW!


The Killers

Very interesting story, of course not written well once brought into this day and time nor is it appropriate. However, back in the day it was acceptable and the way it was back then. One trope is where he keeps calling him a boy when in fact they were grown men. Max and Al are clearly represented as pure evil. There description alone leads one to believe describing the derby hats and trench coats which are both good representations of noir. Nick clearly doesn’t make much sense of evil or why there is evil!