Listening to “NOIR at Night”

This was a little difficult. Mostly commercials – but good ones. I think it could have been longer and more of a story line. I found it hard to listen to and keep an interest in it.

I can’t really put my finger on any characters or story line here. I noticed while tweeting there wasn’t much to say. Kind of wished I would have tuned in another night!


Listening to “Noir Not the Father”

I found it very interesting listening to others shows! I found listening to Noir Not the Father very suspenseful and intriguing! Kind of like watching Jerry Springer and Maury. “Who’s the baby daddy”! You just had to stay tuned in order to find out the results. I think the bathroom “quickie” was the funniest thing. Boy back in the day you could find that type of stuff going on almost anywhere!

I believe they did a good job in making the listeners feel the suspense while waiting for the results. Did an awesome job with the narration! I loved him coming in and letting you know that she was flipping her hair and flirting! The commercials and music choices were great! Good ole fashioned elevator music. What else would they have back then.

I think the flow was good and really didn’t find anything that didn’t work with this radio show. Great characters Jackie and Jack especially, but Blair was funny too always trying to hook up! Great collaboration together as a team, and sounds like a smooth completed project!