Noir We There Yet – Group Radio Show!

What an interesting and quick-moving week. Radio days started out with me tweeting @Spencer_CScott to see if we could form a group! @BrendaLevoy and I knew we couldn’t do it with just the two of us and needed some expertise! Spencer was working with a couple of others and we were able to self organize our group of five members. We have Spencer Scott, Cody Walker, Brenda Levoy, Emily Bostaph, and myself Barbara Hall. With five members of our group we quickly determined that we would need at least 25 minutes of show.

Emily was able to create a Google Doc for us to all collaborate on and bring our group and ideas all together. This went really smooth for our group and we soon found out that we work well together and all have some great ideas and thoughts. Here’s our Google Doc  so you can see our process and all of our ideas. We started working on the group name, some ideas on the show, how we would involve our characters, and keep in the concept of Noir. Ideas started flowing and we were participating and could barely keep up with them all.

We assigned the three bumpers and three commercials required so everyone could get a good head start working on them. We finally came up with our group name after working out a few. End result “Noir We There Yet?” is who we are and our radio station ID is NWTY – that’s right “naughty” because that’s a part of Noir! We then went out to the Google Doc for the instructors and added our group. We also invited all three instructors to our group document in order to keep them “in the loop” so to speak with us and our progress.

We then started actually pinning assignments and making certain everyone had a share of the ideas, decisions, and final project. We determined what type of show we were going to have and that being a news broadcast of some crime and things happening in our town. We strategically pulled each of our characters in one by one to ensure it all made sense. Characters Vinny D and George Bozzo are Mafia Boss’s for two different families and areas. Of course they are both interested in winning the heart of Cecilia (femme fatale). Donnie Rawlen our news commentator and Isabelle our detective that loves a good crime.

With our ideas in place, assignments made for who has which part, and individual bumpers/commercials that need completed we went off in our own directions to get started on the project.

I have used Audacity and PowerPoint while working on the bumper sticker for NWTY Radio. My bumper sticker includes some hints of one of the breaking news stories to be used in our radio show.


And of course the radio bumper itself with some good old fashioned piano bar music in the background.

It all seems to be going well – haven’t heard of any complaints or difficulties yet. We seem to be a good team and organized.

We have two awesome commercials done. I’d share but don’t want to let too many details out before our final show airs.

On my personal assignments to the radio show I have completed two of the three breaking news stories and my bumper sticker for promo of the show. I have also started working on my radio bumper but that’s not quite where I want it yet.

I would have to say this is a good start for week one and now we just need to blend it all together during week two and complete out radio show.