Noir We There Yet? Group Radio Show 2!!

End of week two – radio show! I have to say again the Google Doc was the best idea and I am glad that I got to work in and discover this process. It is awesome as we all worked in it at once and could see one another and track exactly what we were chatting about while actually making the changes within the document! Can’t get any better than this I thought!

Our group continued working on the radio show finishing up with a group meeting in the ITCC Building on Saturday to do the actual recording. This too went so well and it was very cool doing something that I have never done before. Again, another first for me was recording in the booth. We worked well together and things went pretty seamless except one of our first recording kind of come up missing in the end and we had to record it again and Sound Cloud didn’t want to cooperate and wouldn’t let it fully download. We then decided to record it into smaller clips and they downloaded just fine. Final version put together and finalized with a little minor glitch . . . timing! Needed a little more time to meet the project requirement. Had to add a commercial in order to stretch to meet that. Noir we there yet – nope not quite! And the final product:

“Noir We There Yet?”