Reflections on The Vignelli Canon

After reading Vignelli’s work The Vignelli canon I would have to agree with him in his statement that “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best” (Vignelli). The details he provides in his booklet are great along with the many images he provides us. He really made good choices and the layout and comparison to wording and sizing all makes it look so easy but I am certain it is not.

I believe I would actually have to read this several times to be able to fully reflect and take it all in. He talks about colors, textures, typefaces, and images. We are eventually full of experience that will allow us to be able to express ourselves in ways that possibly only we can understand.  He also talks about ambiguity and what it means to him. He claims that he is the one and only one responsible for every single detail. I agree and only wish I had a quarter of his talents demonstrated and talked about in the book.

Even after reading I am still confused on color and its meaning, he speaks of discipline as the attention to details, and appropriateness. Who knew that the size of the paper you choose for a job to be printed could mean so much. The steps towards using grids for books was amazing. His images showed you exactly what he meant and how important it was to the book to make the right choices.

It seems to be a lot to this design but you can definitely tell that he truly loves design. I never really thought much about design until this course and boy let me tell you I am learning a lot. I don’t think I have ever used so many different programs and completed so many assignments! Design will now be in my forefront of projects.