Design To Shock George!!

Designed to Shock! GeorgeI chose this assignment design to shock (4 Points) because I thought it would be interesting. George will be watching – always watching! He watches his business, wife, his customers, his clients he protects, the streets and everything else he sees going on around him and his family.

During my childhood we were always watched very close when my Uncle George was around. We weren’t allowed to hear his storytelling for some reason or another. It use to creep me out because we would be in another room playing and you could feel his eyes watching you.

What’s In Your Bag George?


What's In Your Bag George!
What’s In Your Bag George!

Ah, George being a male always keeps things simple. He of course doesn’t carry a bag but keeps everything he needs in his trench coat pockets – inside and out that is.

Cash always a lot of cash because you never know when you’ll need it.

Comb in order to keep the hair in place and out of his face.

Pen just in case he needs to sign something or maybe you will need to be signing something from him! Protection anyone? He’ll provide you the protection you need for just a little cash each week!

His ring is never kept on his finger except when he is home by his wife. This is for many purposes – first you don’t want anything in your way or getting caught on anything which could cost you your life. Second you never know who you meet and how well you might want to get to know that dame and he just couldn’t take a chance of her knowing he is married!

And then there is the pocket (and I’m not telling on him or pointing this out) some things just don’t come out until it is necessary and then POW it’s all over but they crying! And George doesn’t like hearing that!!

Each of these items were chosen because he simply needs them in his line of business. You just never know what may come up and you have to be ready at all times.

Acrostic Photo Poem

I chose this assignment because I felt I could be creative with it. I chose the first picture because during my childhood I had never been to the beach living in western Pennsylvania and my parents were more like the age of your grandparents so traveling wasn’t really in the picture. As an adult with children I was able to go on our own. Now I love the beach and the trips to the beach. The second picture was chosen because I love apples, pictures of apples, apple décor, and especially recipes with apples in them. I love a good salad with apples diced up in it. As you can see the pattern here I have chosen each photo with the point that it is a favorite of mine. I love the rain at night no matter where I am. Being in Pittsburgh in my childhood I went to a lot of games at the three rivers stadium and watched baseball and of course the Pirates are my favorite team. The beautiful azure sky you see while I am at the beach and another favorite sport of mine is going to the races. As a little girl my father raced, participated in the demolition derby and was a top mechanic in the pits. Of course I loved being a part of that and spending time with my dad. And the last but not the least important is my love for animals. I love pets and have always had several at one time. I have or have had each on pictured here and love them dearly. They are an important part of life and especially a child’s life.

Finally, here is my acrostic photo – can you guess my name?

Acrostic Photo

I enjoyed this assignment very much my name is not always easy to adapt things to because of the repeated letters. I used power point and then saved my images as a photo so that I could upload it to Flickr. By adding text boxes I could label each one and the photo itself. This was a fairly easy assignment.