Reflections Double Indemnity

CaptureGreat noir scene that reminds me of the starting video we always watch.

I chose Double Indemnity to watch because it was the oldest film and near the beginning of production. I believe space helps frame the design and style of noir by keeping the filming in tight small spaces it keeps the feeling of you being in the film with them. Almost like you are in the same room at the same time. I believe it also helps keep the film within budget.

I think the design elements of noir that are not specific to a particular time and place would be the darkness, spotlighting so that only one person is in the light, murder and of course the woman. Doesn’t matter where you are or what time frame you are in these are all things that just make noir. Like crime – it’s everywhere you go and it’s a part of noir. There isn’t a set time or place for these things.

There’s always a woman involved and someone getting murdered! Again there isn’t a set time or place for these things to happen. The films are interesting to watch and see how simple the sets were and how inexpensive it must have been to produce the film. You can simply use the same house with different rooms set up to create new scenes.




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