Half Point – Week Eight Summary

I began the week late as I was out of town for the first four days of the week which made things a little tight schedule wise! But I still was able to manage and get it all done without much stress!

I listened to the recording and read the Week 8 post as usual:

Week Eight

Not only was it a week of hodge-podge activities I also did the very same with the order I did things this week. I started with a TDC and then a couple of Inspire posts. I found this pretty easy to do at this point.

My daily creates:

Ransom note - Groom


And my Music Changes Me poem. . .

I spent some time listening to a radio show or two . . . I blogged about Noir Not the Father . . .

Did a few Inspires on others work! This was interesting and fun . . . Inspire Me!

We had to do ten comments again  so you can check them out!

Brenda Levoy and I collaborated on a couple assignments which I think turned out pretty good and connected our radio show and characters yet again.

See my 10 stars of assignments - this is one of my favorites!

Red My Valentine

Worked on setting up a Gmail account and Twitter account for George. That was a success and he can send emails and tweet now!








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  1. Haha I had to create an email for my character. Something about have 5 twitter accounts, and you need a new email for each….The nerve of some social media!

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