It’s Week Twelve. . . Almost There!

The knowledge is tremendous! The video’s are great . . . Week Twelve video was short and sweet – directly to the point:

Red and I got our Agency Noir Illusions registered early on so that we could get our case and get to working on it . . .

We received the case file – Night Rider “the missing game”! We reviewed the evidence provided and a video┬áby Groom. . .

Our Case:

This is where we are at . . . gathering evidence and reviewing things we find:

Our primary media choice is going to be Video:

Review our Progress Reports to check out what we’ve found so far:

First Progress Report

Second Progress Report

We have also come across some evidence for our case:

We have found the note and are inspecting it for any fingerprints or indicators of who may have left it!

The Note

We found evidence that the game actually did make it in to the room . . . as this picture shows it’s on the table, maybe not exactly where Mike Black may have left it but it was there. Just after Check in

And of course my ten comments for the week:



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